I have hit numerous milestones this past week.

First my car rolled over 100,000 miles. And I wasn’t even the one driving it to witness the momentous occasion! It’s exciting but sad at the same time. It isn’t quite 5 years old, so I drive a LOT. I still have about 9 months left to pay on it and am already getting New Car Fever. I would love to get something with a 3rd row and hopefully minimize some of the kids’ fighting. They aren’t usually in the car together more than 10 minutes at a time, yet they insist on arguing and making it a brutal 10 minutes. I really can’t consider a new vehicle until this one is paid off though.

Last Friday I took the day off work. I went for a run early in the day and got more steps than I expected. I think I was at 10,000 steps before noon! It was easy to hit 15,000 steps that day…my first time since getting my Fitbit pedometer! I turned around and did the same thing on Saturday.

I’ve been sticking with Week 6 Day 1 of the c25k program. With an 8 minute run and two 5 minute runs, it pushes me. But not so much that I dread it. It’s actually enjoyable now and I am working on increasing my pace. My best time for this run is 16:01, which is great for me! I’m working to get under 16:00, then will consider moving on to the next workout.

After two crazy step days, I was hurting on Sunday. Not a bad hurt, but I could definitely tell I had been working my body harder. I wanted to run knowing I wouldn’t be able to for a couple more days, but listened to my body and just walked. It was kind of enjoyable to not push myself so hard. And it took a good 10 minutes for my body to loosen up enough that I didn’t hurt. It was a wise move on my part.

Now we’re in the middle of two extremely warm and humid days. With no air conditioner (not even a window unit), I am not about to exert myself in the heat. Even a cold shower doesn’t cut it. By the time I’m dried off, I’m dripping in sweat again. It should cool off again tomorrow, so I will be back to running as much as my schedule allows.

I can hardly wait to hit the pavement, or dirt road, again!


Giving C25k another shot

Yes, you read that right. I am trying the C25k program again. I tried it once before, maybe a year ago. I made it through ONE workout. ONE! It was great, but then I started having foot problems or pulled my calf muscle. I don’t recall which it was as I’ve had problems with both.

I’m happy to report that this time I have made it through THREE workouts so far! I started late last week. During my first workout, at the end of my first jogging portion, my left calf muscle seized up. It freaked me out, for fear of pulling it and having to deal with an injury again. But I decided I would just take it easy during the jogging parts. I think I’ve been trying to jog too fast or something, so since then, I’ve gone at a nice slow pace. I’ve made it through three workouts, successfully, and it feels great!

I will go through the program slow. If I get to a workout that feels too hard, I’ll go back to another one, or keep repeating it until it gets easier. Whether or not I finish the program doesn’t really matter to me. I just like the structure and it pushes me to do something more strenuous than walking.

My steps have also increased dramatically over the long weekend. I hit an average of 10,000 steps four days in a row! That’s saying a lot since I usually have to push myself to get 7000 steps in a day. By last night, I was exhausted!

While I have been doing well on the exercise front, my eating has been anything but good. Despite my bad eating habits, my spirits are high and I feel better than I have in a long time. I feel more like my old self, the person I’ve been trying to find and figure out who she is with kids.

It was a really nice long weekend. Crops are planted (YAY!!), our vegetable garden is planted, kids were fairly well behaved, I had more patience with the kids, I got some regular exercise, I did some baking which I used to enjoy, the weather was perfect…it was great and I could use another day off of work. I hope this is a pattern that continues.

That’s about it for updates at the moment. I’m hoping to get outside for another c25k workout tonight. If it’s raining, I’ll need to clean my filthy house since it wasn’t  a priority at all over the weekend.

I feel SO much better when I’m productive and active!


Trying to find balance

I guess I haven’t been feeling the blog thing lately. I only blog when I feel compelled to, and not because I feel like I have to. So what have I been up to?

I have been back on Prozac for a week now. I honestly feel better already. There have been a few times when Marcus has asked me why I’m in such a good mood. Ha! I hate that I have been crabby for so long, but hopefully it will change now.

Finding the right balance is going to take some time, but I’m hopeful I will find what works for me. And that includes everything in life, not just health stuff. I am focusing on my personal health right now, and will add other focuses later…or perhaps they will just fall into place as I become happier and healthier.

Anyway, thanks to my fitbit group, I am getting more consistent with tracking my food. Even when I make bad food choices, I am learning to log those calories anyway. It keeps me from going totally overboard, and hopefully I will still see a deficit at the end of the week.

I am also actively working to increase my daily steps. I am up to 7000 steps each day, consistently. It’s still a challenge, but getting easier. I do lots of jogging in place, and can tell my stamina is increasing.

I suppose I should throw a weigh-in in here. This morning I was 256.2, so have about 4 pounds of holiday weight left to lose, and 19.2 pounds to my first big goal. That goal is to lose all the weight I gained while pregnant with Kody – 46 pounds! It’s frustrating that I didn’t lose more than a couple after he was born, and he was nearly 10 pounds. But it is what it is, and I’m working on it now. Hopefully by summer it’s gone!

My daughters are both selling Girl Scout cookies this year. Those things are evil!! So far they have stayed in my car. I know we will eat our fair share, but I would like to hold out until the end of the selling cycle. If I start eating them, I won’t be able to stop!

Cameron turns 8 on the 22nd, so I need to get my cake plan together. She wants either a wolf or a penguin cake. I’m not sure I can pull off the wolf, so luckily she is happy with a penguin. I’m glad I started this tradition a few years ago. The kids love their special cake, and I have fun creating them. Some have been a little funky, but they still love them! I promise to post pictures of my creation when it’s done.

I guess that’s about it. Not really exciting, huh?

In case I don’t post before then, I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Don’t eat too much candy! 😉

Early Morning

I was up by 5am this morning. I might need a nap later! I am already tired and the coffee isn’t kicking in. But still, I am enjoying this quiet time before the crazy kids are up.

Marcus is deer hunting for the weekend, so I have to feed cows. It’s not something I especially enjoy, since I need to get up to do it before kids are up. There is nothing like trying to feed cows in a dark shed (the flashlight only gives off so much light!) when I’m not all that familiar with the process. This year I thought about waiting until daylight and making the kids come with me. Kody is now 2 1/2 and I think he would stand still and not freak the cows out. But, none of the kids wanted to come with me, so I told them I would try to get up early. And I did. For today anyway. Tomorrow could be another story.

One thing I’ve noticed…even though I am currently feeling really fat and gross (must get my eating under control), I am definitely seeing improvements in my fitness. Two years ago when I had to feed cows for the first time, it was really hard to lift those 5 gallon buckets full of feed up to about my shoulders. And the big step up into the shed was difficult and I had to find something to help pull myself up. Last year, 8 pounds lighter, and I could tell it was a bit easier. This year, roughly 30 pounds lighter, and it’s almost easy. Lifting the pails really isn’t an issue. Climbing into the shed still takes some effort, but it is a lot easier than it was last year. I’m kind of excited to note my progress next year.

The other day I mentioned the plan challenge I’ve been doing. Yesterday I was supposed to do 90 seconds. By 45 or 50 seconds, I’m struggling, so thought there was no way I’d make it to 90. While I was doing it yesterday, I wanted to give it my best shot. I didn’t want to give up just because I thought it would be impossible. So…I stuck it out. After 60 seconds, it was REALLY hard. It’s not like my abs or anything really hurt, but it was just really, really hard. Somehow, I held on and make it all 90 seconds! Wow! I can hardly believe it! I really don’t know that I can do longer than that. I will still continue the challenge though. I might keep it at 90 seconds, but I still think that’s great! After the 30 days, I’ll have to try a real plank again and see if I have made any improvement.

Yesterday my sister and I went to the Mall of America for our annual shopping day. Luckily we didn’t get much snow the night before and roads were fine. We had a great time, although I always wish we had more time. Even though we’re always ready to go after walking around each floor, it would be nice to spend more time together. We’re talking about doing more with our kids too…it’s been awhile with all my overtime, plus she has numerous jobs so is also very busy. But anyway, I got 10,000 steps yesterday…easily! I was thrilled with that!

It sounds like kids are starting to stir. And here ends my quiet time until they’re in bed tonight. 🙂

A little relief

It has been a nice weekend.

I woke up early yesterday and got to work. I was at my computer working by 5:30 am! I was able to get 2 solid hours of work in, then since Marcus was home, I went for a walk/jog. That was exactly what I needed. Even though I haven’t done much jogging lately, I can tell I have more stamina. I pushed myself to run my longest distance to date. Then I did more walking/jogging intervals than I usually do. The more jogging I did, the more I could literally feel the stress leaving my body. Today I woke up a bit sore. My legs, back, and even my stomach are feeling it! And it feels great!

Then I had to help the kids pack for their overnight at their aunt’s house. I got them off, then it was back to work for a couple more hours. Marcus and his dad were harvesting soy beans, so it was quiet. I got quite a bit done and am feeling better about where my work project is. It’s far from over, but it doesn’t feel quite so unmanageable.

When Marcus got inside, we enjoyed some pizza, wine, and a movie. Not healthy choices, but it was enjoyable. We recently got Amazon Prime and watched The Negotiator last night. It was a good movie. It must be old though, because we were laughing at the old computers! I just looked it up…it’s from 1998.

This morning was wonderful to wake up on my own, and not to immediate chaos. I love my kids, but sometimes I need this, and my marriage needs this. It has been refreshing.

I am already working and trying to make the best use of my time. I’ll be off for a walk/jog in a little bit. Even though I’m crazy busy, I need to find a way to jog when I can. It’s only 36 degrees out now, but my body will warm up quickly. I plan to continue this into the winter as long as there isn’t lots of snow or ice on my path.

I’m counting down. Three to four weeks left of crazy hours! I’m getting there!

A relaxed mind

For the most part, it’s been a great weekend. Saturday I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with two good friends. One I rarely see, and the other is my sister-in-law, but we were friends before we were family. During the day we chatted a lot, and my SIL told me I seem more relaxed than I did 2 years ago. That was so nice to hear! I feel much more relaxed, and it’s something I’ve really been working on. I have a ways to go, but I am getting my emotional side closer to where I want to be.

My physical side, on the other hand, is not good. I haven’t weighed myself in a while, because I didn’t want to face the music. Well, today I stepped on it. When I officially weigh in tomorrow, I expect to be 8 pounds higher than my lowest. This is not at all acceptable and I need to stop this. My Healthy 30 begins tomorrow, and I WILL CRUSH IT!!

About 2 months ago, my best friend and I set out on a weight loss goal that we wanted to hit by today, when we go to the Tim McGraw concert. His concerts are about the only time we see each other, so we always have a great time. Anyway, I wanted to hit 50 pounds gone. Instead I’m only down about 25 total. ACK! So much for that big goal! She, on the other hand, has done great! I have been in a funk lately, but talking to her about all this has helped keep me from going totally crazy with my eating. And I’m feeling a little better now, so I know I will do well the next 30 days.

We were both planning to call today a “free” day as far as diet. I wasn’t going to worry about what I ate, but I’ve been doing too much of that these days. Right now I’m actually craving some healthy food. My body needs it and it’s telling me so. I’ll start off with a great breakfast, and lunch out with my friend will be decent. Right now I’d love to find a fabulous salad, but it will depend on where we find to eat. I’ll also get lots of steps today, so that will most definitely help.

Tomorrow is back to reality when school starts. I’m looking forward to the routine again. I think. Evenings get awful crazy. Once we get home, we have supper, baths, piano practice and homework. By then, it’s bedtime, or even past bedtime. My Healthy 30 will help me to have the energy I need to keep up with all of this.

So I’m going to have a great time at the concert tonight. Those of you who are friends with me on facebook, be prepared to read some random stuff, probably all relating to Tim McGraw. LOL Then tomorrow means business!!

What a weekend!

I am exhausted!

I started painting our living room yesterday. Actually last night after the kids were in bed. It took me 3 1/2 hours to paint all the edges of the first color, which luckily is most of the room and there are lots of edges. My dad came over today and I was able to finish. I love the color! I am second-guessing my color choice for the accent wall, but the paint has been purchased so I will paint once that wall is ready. There is some patching to be done first. Once it’s complete, I’ll post before and after pics. It already feels like a new room and I am excited to see the rest of it come together.

I didn’t get many steps today at all. I’m only at 3500 right now. But I was quite active with the painting so I’m okay with it.

Food the past few days hasn’t been great. I haven’t gone all out or had any binges, but I haven’t made great choices. I haven’t stepped on the scale in days, but tomorrow is weigh-in day so I’ll have to. I know I will have a gain. My TOM is here, so I hope that will be my saving grace. And my hormones are feeling more balanced, so it will be easier to get back to eating healthier.

Tomorrow is a new day. I’m going to bed soon and intend to sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed! I’m ready to have a great week!

Me? Jogging? You better believe it!

Despite my off and on ankle and foot pains, I am doing my damndest to make the most out of my walks outside. (Really, I think I need some new tennis shoes and most of the pain will go away.) I don’t usually have a lot of time, so I need to make these 30ish minutes count!

Our dog, Milo, and I enjoy walking down our farm’s field road. It’s not all that long, maybe 1 1/2 miles round trip. I don’t like the idea of walking it twice. I don’t know why. But I want more steps and mileage on my fitbit. So to get around this idea in my head, I have started walking so many steps, then jogging so many steps. How many I do depends on the day, but one example is I’ll walk 20 steps, then jog in place for 50-100 steps. It takes me quite awhile to get to the end of the field road, and really gives me a good workout! I think Milo wonders what is taking me so long though! LOL I’m grateful this walk is private because I would never jog in place in public!

Sometimes when I have less time, I will jog (not in place) to raise my heartrate. Last night I jogged 250 steps without stopping. I know this seems like nothing, but I had to really push myself towards the end. My plan is to gradually increase this and one day jog the entire field road – without stopping.

I enjoy walking, but I am finding jogging to be an excellent stress reliever. That extra push gets my heart rate elevated and I can physically work through whatever emotions are going on in my head. I always feel good after I jog.

Do I dare call myself a runner? I may not be fast, but I am doing it. So yes. I am a runner!

Challenging Day!

This has been a tough day, and it’s only 2:30!

I have been doing really, really well with my food choices. Today is proving to be quite a challenge. First, a co-worker brought in a bunch of cupcakes or muffins. She listed a bunch of flavors…chocolately yumminess, fruity yumminess…I tried not to pay too much attention to the email. Luckily the cafe where they are is up one floor and down a long hall. I don’t mind the walk at all, but I have to go out of my way to get there. It’s an easy place for me to avoid. So I have avoided it.

Then, hours later, the co-workers in my office started talking about said cupcakes. There were still plenty left and apparently pretty tasty. Mmm…drool…

Just as this conversation was taking place, my boss opened a package he received, and inside were cookies for my department. ARG! I politely declined, but then he placed the leftovers on a table where I see them every time I walk by. Okay, so these don’t really tempt me too much. They’re prepackaged and I know won’t taste the greatest so they aren’t worth it. But those cupcakes…

Instead, I am enjoying my snack of strawberries and blueberries…


I think part of my problem today is that my time of the month is coming. I think. I hope. It must by why I’m craving all this unhealthy food. And with the BBQ tomorrow, I’m determined to stay on track today.

The hot weather is breaking. What a relief! I’m hoping to get out for a walk tonight when Marcus gets home. And again tomorrow morning before the BBQ. I have some steps to makeup since the past few days have included minimal movement.

Tonight could be tough as well. But I am going to STAY STRONG!!!!

Collar Bones & More

treatyouwellI feel like all the pieces are coming together for me lately. I am learning how to treat myself and my body. And lately, it is rewarding me with weight loss! It feels amazing to see the hard work start to pay off. I have taken the long road, but hope I have worked through my emotional issues and developed a strong core to build upon.

We are in a heat advisory here in southern MN. We don’t have any a/c, not even a window unit, so it is very warm in our house. After 8 1/2 years of this, my body has adjusted and it’s not as bad as it used to be. I still don’t like it though.

Since it is so hot, my steps are down right now. But I hope to make up some ground over the weekend when the weather improves. The hot weather also means I am craving more water, so getting 128 ounces each day is EASY! Sometimes I drink more.

This morning my 5-year-old daughter said to me “Mommy, you’re looking a little bit skinnier.” Wow! Kids are SO observant! That really made my day. And the fact that the scale dropped today and I was very surprised. Now I need to see if I can hold onto that number until my official weigh-in.

I haven’t been really sure what to do with my facebook page. I’m still not really sure, so my posting can be sporadic. But if you’d be so inclined, please like my page.

Our new camera should arrive tomorrow. I will need to update my progress photos. I even found one of me at my starting weight. Yuck. It’s so gross. But in a way it’s nice to see because I can tell I am smaller.

Oh, and I am starting to see some collar bones. I had forgotten they were there. 😀