More c25k, Family activities, and a Weigh-in

I was sick all weekend. Actually, it’s been about a week and I’m finally feeling much better. Colds really wipe you out!! I didn’t eat the greatest while I was sick, but didn’t do terrible. I’m really trying to exercise at least every other day, so was bummed when I had to take a few days off. Friday I was home all day binge-watching Parenthood, and started to cry when a couple announced their engagement to the family. That’s how I knew I was sick for real. I get crazy emotional when I’m sick!

By Sunday, I was feeling well enough to get outside for my C25k workout. Today I completed Week 3 Day 2. I’ve been taking it slow for fear of pulling a calf muscle, but all has been going well, so I ran faster my last 30 seconds. I’m going to start doing bursts like that from now on. It felt great! I can’t believe how much easier this has become in the short time I’ve been doing it. I peeked ahead to Week 4 and must admit I’m both scared and excited to try it. There is a LOT more running starting with Week 4!

I think what I’m loving about c25k is I have an actual goal when I get outside. Not that I didn’t when I went for walks, or even when I did some jogging. But with this, it’s like I have a concrete goal. I have someone telling me when to run, and I want to complete the workout. By myself, it’s too easy to say I don’t want to run anymore so I’ll just walk the rest.

Last night I was very surprised when Marcus said we should go for some family bike rides on some bike trails. What?! Is this really my husband talking???? As kids we both loved riding bike. I’m sure I would again if I just did it. My daughters are riding their bikes real well, so once my son gets going, this is something we might actually do. I would LOVE to have a family day and actually DO something active. It’ll likely be a year or two before we do this, because Kody just got his bike and won’t pedal yet. But it’s something to look forward to. And by then, I WILL be more fit so I won’t feel so silly on a bike. We are slowly becoming more active as a family, and I love it.

Finally, it’s time to report my weigh-in. I was sick much of the week, but I managed to squeak out a 0.4 pound loss! I’m happy with that! I’m currently at 265 and anxious to get out of the 260s. Again. It’ll happen. Especially if I keep exercising.

I’m definitely feeling healthier and stronger these days!


Day 25: Learning more about my body

Work, work, work. Blah, blah, blah.

My life literally revolves around work this time of year. I have worked at least a little bit every single day since September 3. By the time I leave work today, I will be at 53.75 hours so far for the week. And I could easily put in a full day tomorrow. The overtime pay is what keeps me going. At least now when I’m in the early stages of the long weeks. In another month, I will no longer care about the money.

I am really hoping for a family day on Sunday. I have an idea I ran by Marcus. So far he doesn’t seem real excited, but I think it would be fun. There is a pumpkin patch in our area, one that the girls went to with school a couple of times. Allison might get to go again this year, but those school events are always insanely crazy. So I thought it would be nice for us to go as a family. We can take our time and wander around at our leisure. Pick pumpkins, go for a wagon ride, take some nice pictures, and enjoy some beautiful fall weather. We rarely do these things and I think it would be nice. Plus I could use the break from work.

I almost caved last night. I almost quit my Healthy 30. It’s not like I’ve been craving anything specific. I’m not drooling over the thought of a piece of pizza or a brownie. But I don’t feel like counting my calories and want to eat whatever I want. This has been going on for a week or 10 days. Somehow I still I stick with it. By now I’m on Day 25! I canNOT throw in the towel now!

Part of my frustration is that the scale hasn’t budged in a week. Well, slight fluctuations here and there, but nothing significant enough to worry about or get excited about.

Last night I figured it out. Since eating cleaner seems to be making my menstrual cycles more regular (something I have NEVER experienced), I realized these are things I have been dealing with around this time of my cycle. Not wanting to make the effort to eat healthy. Munchies. Weight gain or fluid retention. This is exactly what I’ve been dealing with for the past week. This is exactly what I have gone through previous months about this time. Realizing this was all I needed last night to stick to my plan.

I am confident the scale will reward me soon. But more than that, I am beyond PROUD that I have stuck to my plan this past week.

Day 22: Weigh In

I’m tired from my crazy work hours, but still feeling good. Today I decided to squeeze myself into my smaller jeans and I feel great! They fit well, although they’re a little snug around my waist. No one can tell though, so I’m wearing them. They look better than my bigger jeans. 🙂

I weighed in today and gained a pound from last week, so I’m at 241. I’m not taking it too seriously. I know my scale is screwy, to put it nicely. And while I know I’ve had too much coffee with creamer the past week, other than that I have eaten pretty much perfect…the two bites of cream puff really aren’t a factor since I stopped there.

Stress from work may not be helping either. I should make time for some exercise to help with stress relief, but I know that’s not likely to happen for another 6 weeks or so. I put in my regular 8-9 hour day in the office, then try to work another hour or two after the kids are in bed. Weekends I try to work the 2 hours Kody naps, plus evenings. And I even skip church with the family to get another 2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted work time. Yes, it sucks. But the overtime money is very much needed, and is what keeps me going.

Anyway, gotta get back to it. Next week I will be in the 230s. Just watch me.

Day 4: Why did it take me so long to get back on track?

It’s only the beginning of Day 4 of my Healthy 30 and I am already feeling SO much better. This morning the scale was 247, so I am just 1 pound away from my lowest. I am already down 5 lbs, although I know the first few were likely fluid retention. That’s okay though…seeing the loss motivates me.

It might be a blessing that work is getting busier. I’m trying to work at least 1 hour after the kids go to bed, which helps to keep my mind off food. I’m really not hungry anyway, so having something to do helps a lot.

I have made some observations regarding that time of the month. (For any men who don’t want to hear about this, you might want to look away now.) I have always had irregular cycles. Always. I had some trouble getting pregnant because I was so irregular. But I have noticed when I am eating cleaner, my cyles are becoming more regular. It’s not really a big deal to me either way because it isn’t a health concern, but still nice to be able to predict it better so that I’m prepared.

Did I mention I bought some new jeans this past weekend? I have always worn what I guess you would call “mom jeans”. Not cute, and I would buy whatever fits, even if they don’t look particularly good. I don’t like going to new stores by myself, which is something I need to work on, but that’s another topic for another day. Anyway, my friend and I were at the Mall of America on Monday and she shops a lot at Maurices. I decided to try on some jeans and found a pair I liked. And they were the cheaper style – score! So I bought one that fits now (a size 24, although most 22s fit), and one size smaller. I feel better wearing something cute, and I know the smaller size 22 will fit very soon. I can actually get them on and buttoned if I lay down. The problem is I can’t rebutton them after using the bathroom, unless I lay down again. Not very practical when I’m not home! I can’t wait until I CAN wear them in public.

Time to get cracking now. The work doesn’t do itself!

Quick Morning Motivation

I haven’t been eating the greatest. At least not as well as I want to be. It’s not nearly as bad as I used to eat. I guess I’m eating in a way to maintain my weight, but not really lose. So today I am working harder on it again and back to tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal. I’m also working to drink 128 ounces of water.

Later this week we’re going on a short family vacation and I’ll be at our county fair 2 days. I’m a little worried, but also know I never really eat bad at the fair. My stomach can’t handle all that greasy food like it used to. And honestly, I’m happy just to have a taste of whatever Marcus gets, if he’ll share. Anyway, all the more reason to stay on plan the next few days.

Because I’m taking a few days off of work, and because work is crazy busy right now, I got to work early today. As I was getting ready for work, I pulled on my freshly laundered jeans. I was amazed at how easy they slid on. I am going to remember that feeling all day. I will use it to keep me eating well. That’s a wonderful feeling, and I can’t be too far away from going down a size…if I eat better than I have been.

Everyone, raise your water glass to comfortable fitting jeans! 😀

Me? Jogging? You better believe it!

Despite my off and on ankle and foot pains, I am doing my damndest to make the most out of my walks outside. (Really, I think I need some new tennis shoes and most of the pain will go away.) I don’t usually have a lot of time, so I need to make these 30ish minutes count!

Our dog, Milo, and I enjoy walking down our farm’s field road. It’s not all that long, maybe 1 1/2 miles round trip. I don’t like the idea of walking it twice. I don’t know why. But I want more steps and mileage on my fitbit. So to get around this idea in my head, I have started walking so many steps, then jogging so many steps. How many I do depends on the day, but one example is I’ll walk 20 steps, then jog in place for 50-100 steps. It takes me quite awhile to get to the end of the field road, and really gives me a good workout! I think Milo wonders what is taking me so long though! LOL I’m grateful this walk is private because I would never jog in place in public!

Sometimes when I have less time, I will jog (not in place) to raise my heartrate. Last night I jogged 250 steps without stopping. I know this seems like nothing, but I had to really push myself towards the end. My plan is to gradually increase this and one day jog the entire field road – without stopping.

I enjoy walking, but I am finding jogging to be an excellent stress reliever. That extra push gets my heart rate elevated and I can physically work through whatever emotions are going on in my head. I always feel good after I jog.

Do I dare call myself a runner? I may not be fast, but I am doing it. So yes. I am a runner!

Weekly Weigh-in

I see a pattern emerging. I lose one week. I gain the next week. I’m not going to get my undies in a bunch over it. It’s how I am. As long as the overall trend is down, I am a happy camper.

My scale definitely needs to be replaced. It must be close to 20 years old, and while it still gives me a gauge on where I’m at, it is far from accurate. A new scale is on my wish list. How sad that I would love a new scale for Christmas! Haha!

Anyway, on to my weigh-in results so I can get back to work. It’s going to be a busy week!

Last week I gained 3 pounds. So if you look at my pattern, can you guess what happened this week? Yes, I lost! I lost those 3 pounds, plus 3 more! I am now down 31 pounds and am thrilled! I’m not sure I’ll meet my goal of losing 50 by the Tim McGraw concert Labor Day, but 40 (or maybe 45??) is a very reasonable goal. No matter what, I am moving in the right direction and that’s what matters most.

I am thrilled to be making progress!!

Ups and Downs


Weight loss is full of ups and downs. Peaks and valleys. Call it what you want. It’s part of the weight loss process for many of us.

The past few days, I am heading downhill again. UGH! It’s time to turn this around before I’m too far gone. I haven’t been eating terrible, but have let my diet slip a bit too much. My steps are down the past few days. But I have a plan.

I think part of what I need is a more concrete schedule. I have printed out a blank calendar and am filling in some exercise sessions. I really enjoy my wii Biggest Loser workouts, but half the time I forget when I’m supposed to do them. Having them on my calendar will help. They’re short sessions (for now), so there is really no reason I can’t get them done. I am also adding “choice” sessions numerous times each week. This can be a walk outside, my 30 Day Shred DVD or a Walk Away The Pounds DVD. I have options depending on my schedule, the weather and my mood. There is no excuse good enough to skip my exercise.

I am going to see how this works for the next couple of weeks. I think having it in black and white right in front of me will help.

We finally have a beautiful, sunny day here, so I am excited to get outside tonight and walk!

All Day Training = Low Steps and Bad Food Choices

So today I had mandatory all day training for work. It was great information, but I’m just barely over 2000 steps and it’s 5:30 pm. There were a few short breaks, but really nowhere to walk and even bathroom trips didn’t add many steps. And since food was provided, I didn’t eat the best.

I’m feeling sluggish today. Bleh.

But I’ve been doing really well lately, with both food and getting extra steps. I’m anxious to get back on plan tomorrow.

May Recap & Future Monthly Goals

Mid-May, I changed my goals. My new goals were:

  1. Walk at least 10,000 steps a minimum of 4 days each week.
  2. Start the C25K program.

While I didn’t officially succeed at either of these goals, I am making an effort towards both of these. I will do some jogging intervals when I get outside for a walk. And I am making progress at increasing my steps each day. I am doing little things to add some steps to my day, and finding my step goal really encourages me to do some extra exercise. Right now my daily goal is to get 7,000 steps. Once I’m hitting that goal for a few weeks, I will increase it.

I’m not sure that setting monthly goals is working for me. Perhaps more short-term goals are better. Daily and weekly goals seem to be working better for me right now. I’m finding my goals are changing as I go, partly due to injury and other body pains! As long as I continue to make healthy changes and keep working to be more active, I feel like I am succeeding.

I was hoping for a bigger weight loss this month, but am still pleased to report I lost 4 pounds! Historically, I lose very slow. When I lost weight years ago, I was lucky to lose 2 pounds each month, so I am very happy with 4.  I am not going to put a timeline on my weight loss. As long as I continue to lose, I know I will eventually reach my goal. And keep it off!