I have hit numerous milestones this past week.

First my car rolled over 100,000 miles. And I wasn’t even the one driving it to witness the momentous occasion! It’s exciting but sad at the same time. It isn’t quite 5 years old, so I drive a LOT. I still have about 9 months left to pay on it and am already getting New Car Fever. I would love to get something with a 3rd row and hopefully minimize some of the kids’ fighting. They aren’t usually in the car together more than 10 minutes at a time, yet they insist on arguing and making it a brutal 10 minutes. I really can’t consider a new vehicle until this one is paid off though.

Last Friday I took the day off work. I went for a run early in the day and got more steps than I expected. I think I was at 10,000 steps before noon! It was easy to hit 15,000 steps that day…my first time since getting my Fitbit pedometer! I turned around and did the same thing on Saturday.

I’ve been sticking with Week 6 Day 1 of the c25k program. With an 8 minute run and two 5 minute runs, it pushes me. But not so much that I dread it. It’s actually enjoyable now and I am working on increasing my pace. My best time for this run is 16:01, which is great for me! I’m working to get under 16:00, then will consider moving on to the next workout.

After two crazy step days, I was hurting on Sunday. Not a bad hurt, but I could definitely tell I had been working my body harder. I wanted to run knowing I wouldn’t be able to for a couple more days, but listened to my body and just walked. It was kind of enjoyable to not push myself so hard. And it took a good 10 minutes for my body to loosen up enough that I didn’t hurt. It was a wise move on my part.

Now we’re in the middle of two extremely warm and humid days. With no air conditioner (not even a window unit), I am not about to exert myself in the heat. Even a cold shower doesn’t cut it. By the time I’m dried off, I’m dripping in sweat again. It should cool off again tomorrow, so I will be back to running as much as my schedule allows.

I can hardly wait to hit the pavement, or dirt road, again!


Still on the upswing??

Last week when I posted, I was feeling a bit better about my stress level. While my diet is still all over the place, I am feeling better emotionally.

We had a nice Easter weekend. Saturday I took the kids to an Easter egg hunt with my in-laws (grandma, aunts, cousins). Those things are always chaos, so I wouldn’t brave it on my own with 3 kids. But with grandma and 3 aunts to help, it makes it enjoyable.  There is a church in our area that hosts the hunt each year, and it’s a nice event. This year weather was decent (although windy!) so there was an even better turnout than usual. Most years, each kid fills a plastic grocery bag with plastic eggs. This year Kody got almost a full bag, Allison about half a bag, and Cameron only got about 8 eggs! Cameron’s age group must have had more kids than they expected, because she had to really hurry to get those few eggs. It was actually really disappointing for her…all the anticipation and waiting, to have the entire thing done in 30 seconds. And her little brother and sister are good about sharing, so that helps.

Easter Day was nice too. After going to church, we headed to my mom’s house for the day. We enjoyed some wine, which was really good after not having it for so long. Just proves that things taste better when I don’t have them all the time. I also don’t miss these things when I don’t indulge in them frequently.

I did not eat well this weekend. Yesterday I was determined to get back on track and ate well all day. Then I got home to a bag of Easter candy from my mother-in-law. So that ended up being my supper. Not my best choice!

I am determined, again, to do well today. It’s still early, but I know I will do well if I stay out of the kids’ candy tonight. And I plan to stay busy, so that will help.

I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned it here, but I am part of a fitbit group for people with 75+ pounds to lose. It is a wonderful group with lots of support. There are daily and weekly challenges, and I am becoming more consistent in completing them. One example is we have Middle Monday where we work our core. One of the suggested exercises is a plank, and I can tell I’m getting stronger. I start by doing a real plank as long as I can, then drop to my knees for the rest of the time. When I first did a plank months ago, I could barely hold a real one for 2 seconds. Last night I held it for 15 seconds!!!! It was an amazing feeling. 🙂

This week there is also a challenge to spend just 5 minutes a day doing some kind of spring cleaning…whether it’s cleaning a window or going through one dresser drawer and getting rid of clothes that no longer fit. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes?? Most of the time, getting started is the hardest part, so once I get going, I finish the task at hand. Since I feel obligated to the group, it is pushing me to get things done…things I’ve been wanting to do anyway. It’s been a good group for me.

* As a side note, if you have a fitbit pedometer, at least 75 pounds to lose, and are interested in the group, let me know.

While I’m not making progress with my weight, I am getting stronger. I am feeling better emotionally. I am working to get my stress under control.

If I keep this up, I know I will eventually see the results on the scale. It will happen. And I will keep the weight off.

Just wait and see.

Week 3: Back to Reality

Work is back to normal hours! WOOHOO!!

Last weekend was wonderfully relaxing. The kids stayed with my in-laws Friday night and Marcus and I headed to our hotel that night. We enjoyed a nice dinner (I got a yummy salad) and slept in a bit on Saturday. We had the entire day to do whatever we wanted. We did a lot of driving, and a nice amount of wandering around poking into shops here and there. We even found Christmas gifts for both our moms! We had a really nice time and didn’t argue or bicker once. It was more like the old days. Before kids. Don’t get me wrong, we love our kids and are grateful to have them. But it was also really nice to enjoy some time together. We definitely need to do more of that.

Life is s l o w l y getting back to normal. Whatever normal is! Evenings are still busy, of course, with the kids. But at least I don’t have to work after they’re in bed. Now I can attempt to keep up on dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher) or relax in front of the TV. I’m looking forward to getting back into reading before bed too.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to report my weigh-in for the week. I didn’t eat well all weekend, but have been basically back on track since Monday. I somehow managed to lose .4 lb this week. I’ll take it!! Now I need to keep this up and I should see a nice loss next week. I need to pick up the pace here if I want to fit into my wedding dress next October.

I am back to doing my wii Biggest Loser workout. I do the shortest workout I can (for now) and it’s helping me get back into the routine. I’m not sure how much jogging I’ll be doing outside this winter, so I need something else that I know I will do. I also set a goal that I will do when I work at home once a week. My fitbit pedometer records flights of stairs. The most I had previously gotten was 25 flights, which I thought was pushing it. But last week I decided to go for the next badge, or “sticker”, and go for 50 flights. I did it and it wasn’t too bad! So I did it again this week. I plan to do that once a week. I’ll have some killer thighs and buns before too long! haha!

Next week is a short week for me, then I am taking a FULL WEEK off of work! I haven’t done that since I have been at this job (nearly 9 years), other than maternity leave which does NOT count. The kids have school and daycare, and I am beyond excited for this Me Time. I desperately need it. One day my sister and I will have our annual shopping trip, and the rest will be filled with household chores, miscellaneous projects, possibly painting, and relaxing. I cannot wait!!

I promise to catch up with all of you soon. I have fallen behind on my blog reading and miss all of you!

Me? Jogging? You better believe it!

Despite my off and on ankle and foot pains, I am doing my damndest to make the most out of my walks outside. (Really, I think I need some new tennis shoes and most of the pain will go away.) I don’t usually have a lot of time, so I need to make these 30ish minutes count!

Our dog, Milo, and I enjoy walking down our farm’s field road. It’s not all that long, maybe 1 1/2 miles round trip. I don’t like the idea of walking it twice. I don’t know why. But I want more steps and mileage on my fitbit. So to get around this idea in my head, I have started walking so many steps, then jogging so many steps. How many I do depends on the day, but one example is I’ll walk 20 steps, then jog in place for 50-100 steps. It takes me quite awhile to get to the end of the field road, and really gives me a good workout! I think Milo wonders what is taking me so long though! LOL I’m grateful this walk is private because I would never jog in place in public!

Sometimes when I have less time, I will jog (not in place) to raise my heartrate. Last night I jogged 250 steps without stopping. I know this seems like nothing, but I had to really push myself towards the end. My plan is to gradually increase this and one day jog the entire field road – without stopping.

I enjoy walking, but I am finding jogging to be an excellent stress reliever. That extra push gets my heart rate elevated and I can physically work through whatever emotions are going on in my head. I always feel good after I jog.

Do I dare call myself a runner? I may not be fast, but I am doing it. So yes. I am a runner!

I DID IT!!!!

After yesterday’s disastrous diet and activity level, I woke up this morning and set a goal to walk 10,000 steps today. I am happy to report that I met my goal!!

This is my first 10,000 step day since getting my FitBit pedometer a few weeks ago. Most days, I am doing really well at getting the 7,000 steps I am trying to walk consistently. Of course some days are better and some days are worse. As long as my average is at least 7,000, I am pleased. And I’m thrilled I now have a 10,000 day under my belt.

Perhaps my new short-term goal will be to get 7,000 steps each day, but at least one 10,000 step day each week.

Off to hit the sack. This girl is tired and needs a good night’s sleep!

Celebrating Success

Today I am celebrating success. I am starting to see changes in my body. I am starting to see the healthier person I used to be. I am starting to feel pretty again. I am (slowly) starting to feel more confident.

The process of losing weight is hard. Really hard. It isn’t just physical, but emotional as well. Very emotional. I have been open and honest with myself in figuring out WHY I’m overweight. Now it’s time to make the physical changes.

The hardest part is getting started and figuring out what works for YOU. I have found this changes as life circumstances change. What worked for me before having kids is much more of a challenge now. I feel like I have found what works for me right now, so I am going with it. I eat as clean as I can without feeling too much pressure. I log every single thing I eat at MyFitnessPal. I try to move as much as I can.

I am absolutely LOVING my FitBit pedometer! While I’m not at 10,000 steps per day yet, it is motivating me to move more. The other night none of the kids would go to sleep, and just knowing I would get steps and flights of stairs kept me from getting too frustrated with them. Yesterday I was close to getting the next badge for flights of stairs, so I went up and down ours at home a few times to make sure I’d get it. And when neither of my daughters wanted to go for a walk (it was really windy), Allison and I walked up and down the driveway a few times. I hope I continue to stay so motivated by this! Anyone who has one and wants to add me, my link is

My weight fluctuates a LOT. But I’m doing something right lately. I don’t like to report weight loss mid-month, but I am just too excited about this one. In the past week, I have lost SEVEN pounds!!!! I know this may go up again before it drops more. I’m okay with that, because I know I’m on the downward path.

Today I celebrate success. What do you celebrate today?

Two steps forward, one painful step back

Nothing is ever easy, is it? If it’s not one body pain, it’s another. I need to revise my C25K plan, but I am by no means giving up.

Let me back up and explain what happened.

A few years ago, I stubbed my toe. BAD. I thought it was broken or jammed or something. It’s possible it was, and still is, jammed. It bothered me months after the initial stubbing incident, so I finally talked to my doctor about it. I had x-rays which found nothing out of the ordinary. She mentioned it could be hammertoe, but wouldn’t she have known that by the x-rays? I don’t know, but she referred me to a foot and ankle clinic. I never went because I figure all they’ll do is recommend expensive orthotics that won’t work anyway. Instead, I decided to only where good shoes. This has really helped and I don’t have much pain anymore.

Unless I walk too much…or jog like I did on Wednesday. My foot felt fine all day Wednesday, but yesterday it was really hurting, and pretty much throbbing by the end of the day. Today it’s a bit better, but I’m not sure I can do the C25K program now. ARG!!

I think jogging can be extremely therapeutic for me, so I’m not giving up. I just need to listen to my foot. Maybe once a week is all it can handle for now. So instead I’m focusing on getting my daily steps up, and will jog when I can.

I am tired of all the body aches and pains! I know losing weight will help. It probably won’t cure the possible hammertoe, but it definitely can’t hurt. So I will keep plugging away and see how many steps I can get today.

The great news about my fitbit, is it’s encouraging me to eat better. At the end of the day, I LOVE seeing that I burned more calories than I ate. I’m eating fairly clean, and am naturally making better choices.

Despite the foot issues, I am feeling positive about my journey.

I am making progress!

FitBit, C25K, and Mid-May Goal Change

I ordered a FitBit pedometer and it arrived yesterday! For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a highly accurate pedometer. You can read more at I am really hoping this helps motivate me to keep moving. Today is my first full day of wearing it, so I’ll see how many steps I reach in a typical day with no official exercise. It’ll be a good baseline to start with.

Thanks to Sharon at, I am considering doing the C25K, or Couch to 5k, program. You see, I’ve had visions of becoming a runner. This is something I never, ever thought I would be serious about. Yet the visions are still there. I think running will be an excellent stress reliever for me, moreso than most other exercises I have tried. I enjoy walking, but I like the idea of burning more calories and relieving stress in a shorter period of time. My life is busy, so I need something that will be the most time efficient. I will make out a “training” schedule and stick to it the best I can. I do need to be somewhat flexible, depending on the weather and when Marcus is in the fields. But it’s only 3 days each week, so I can make it work.

I also am revising my goal for May. Originally, I said I was going to log my food every single day with MyFitnessPal. I admit, I am really struggling with this the past few days. I had it set to lose 2 pounds each week, so perhaps that is what has gotten me off track. I have changed my goal to lose 1 pound each week, which gives me quite a few more calories each day, so hopefully it doesn’t leave me feeling deprived, which only leads to bingeing.

My new goals for the remainder of the month are below.

  1. Walk at least 10,000 steps a minimum of 4 days each week.
  2. Start the C25K program.

These goals really go hand-in-hand. If I do the C25K program, I will be that much closer to getting my 10,000 steps in those days. If I get my 3 days of training in this week (I’m off work Thurs and Fri, which will make it easier), I should be able to get my first 3 weeks of training done by the end of the month.

I am excited about this! I know diet plays a big role in weight loss, but I also know I feel better when I exercise, regardless of what I’m eating. I will still log my food, but am going to focus more on exercise right now. And hope my calf doesn’t act up.

Anyone else have a FitBit? What do you think?

Has anyone else done the C25K program?