Weight Watchers – Week 1

This past week was great! I really feel like my head is in it this time.

For the first time in a long time, maybe EVER, I believe I can reach my lifetime goal. I am starting to visualize myself returning to the smaller person I used to be – and beyond. Even when I got married and felt amazing, I still wanted to lose another 20 pounds or so. Looking back, I don’t think I truly believed in myself.

Now I am feeling much different. There is no reason in the world I can’t reach my ultimate goal weight. And keep it off! I maintained my loss before. I can do it again. I can break the cycle of obesity in my family.

Let’s get to my first week’s weigh-in. I started Weight Watchers at 271.4, down from my high of 283. Yesterday I weighed 265 for a one week loss of 6.4 pounds!! I will take it and embrace it!!!!

I am ecstatic! More importantly, I feel great. I am sleeping really well. I am in a better mood. I am fueling my body with the nourishment it needs, and my body is thanking me.

Now…onto Week 2!!


The Honeymoon Phase

Just half a week on Weight Watchers and I’m already learning some things. Or perhaps it’s not learning so much, as I already knew these things. But my awareness is raised. My desire to be healthy is raised. In turn, I am making better choices. I cannot wait for an excellent weigh-in on Saturday!


~ I have discovered that I eat entirely too much cheese and nuts. Even though they’re healthy, I eat too many of them.

~ I have learned that I sleep better when I go to bed without a full stomach.

~ I have learned that I can enjoy my favorite foods and still lose weight.


Cutting out things like breads, crackers, all extra sugar…it works. I lost 13 pounds in one month by doing this. I felt great! But it seems this isn’t good for me in the long run. I have done nothing but yo-yo for the past few years. Apparently following my “no bread” plan leaves me feeling deprived. I fight it and fight it, until one day I totally binge. And a lot of times those binges turn into days or weeks of unhealthy eating.

I don’t eat as many breads as I used to, so it’s not all bad. The past year I just haven’t cared enough to watch what I eat. Now that I’m serious about it, it’s easier to avoid the breads. I just need to figure out how to allow myself to have them occasionally, without going overboard.

These past few days have been GREAT! I feel like I’m in the honeymoon phase and I know this won’t always be easy, but so far I am completely on track! I am going to enjoy this while it lasts.

I think part of the reason this has been easy is because I have worked to clean up my diet the past few years. Eating healthier has become a habit. I just need to learn how to avoid bingeing. I need to learn how to allow those indulgences – within my points – when I feel I need them.

Work is getting CRAZY but I’m just not motivated to work. I will pay for that in October.

New Routines

It’s been a good day. It’s the first full day of school. We’re trying something new this year, so I got to watch my daughters get on the bus this morning. I haven’t been able to do that very much, so this is nice. And they’re going to a program after school that helps them with homework, so I am VERY excited. Weeknights get stressful with everything that has to get done, and trying to help kids with homework isn’t easy. I don’t know how to teach, and Cameron doesn’t listen to me. The student/tutor environment will be excellent for her.

Now my son is the only one in daycare! Yay for saving money!! Plus the drive to daycare was actually pleasant this morning, because there was no one else to pester him. He can look out the window without getting yelled at. Yes, that really happens…poor kid can’t even look out his sister’s window without her yelling at him. Sigh…

Anyway, even though work is crazy right now, I’m trying to make healthier choices. They’re still far from perfect, but I can tell my husband is making dietary changes. Plus I’ve been busy canning tomatoes so I don’t have as much time to sit and eat all night. It feels good to be productive too.

Today, I went for my first run in probably 6 weeks. I’m starting the C25k program over with Week 1 Day 1. It felt great!! And my time was 15:10! What?! I can hardly believe it. I’m hoping to continue. The next 2 months at work are insanely busy, but I will run as much as I can!

Life is really getting a bit easier as the kids get older. I can do more things around the house without having to supervise them constantly. And I am working on my patience and making letting them help more with things like sweeping, vacuuming and other projects I can find. Last night Cameron helped me carry Target bags into the house. Little things like that are a big help!

I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging for the next couple of months. If I do, I might have to keep them short. I definitely want to keep running and posting about that!

Overall life is good and getting better all the time. I am hopeful with how things are changing, it’ll be easier to take care of myself.

More running, and a weigh-in

This week I started Week 4 of c25k. There are two 3 minute runs and two 5 minute runs. It’s definitely a challenge and I am dripping with sweat by the end. It feels great!! I can hardly believe I’m doing it, but I am! The 5 minute runs are definitely a challenge for me, so I won’t move onto Week 5 quite yet. Heck, I’d be happy to stay on Week 4 and work on increasing my speed. Either way, I love it and I’m glad my feet and calves aren’t giving me any trouble.

Speaking of calf muscles, yesterday I was putting on my tennis shoes and I felt a calf muscle! I don’t know that I’ve ever felt it as strong as it is right now. I love it and can’t wait to find more muscles!

I’m getting back into the smoothies I used to make. They’re so easy, I don’t know why I stopped. Oh yeah…because it was winter and it was fricking cold! They’re very refreshing now. The way I make them, they’re usually the consistency of ice cream so it’s a nice little treat.

Today was my weigh-in day. I was up .2 pounds to 264.8. I expected more of a gain. I didn’t eat great most of the week. I feel stronger though, so I think the exercise is helping. I feel like if I can be more consistent with eating healthy, the weight is going to start coming off much quicker.

No matter what, I’m feeling great these days!

More c25k, Family activities, and a Weigh-in

I was sick all weekend. Actually, it’s been about a week and I’m finally feeling much better. Colds really wipe you out!! I didn’t eat the greatest while I was sick, but didn’t do terrible. I’m really trying to exercise at least every other day, so was bummed when I had to take a few days off. Friday I was home all day binge-watching Parenthood, and started to cry when a couple announced their engagement to the family. That’s how I knew I was sick for real. I get crazy emotional when I’m sick!

By Sunday, I was feeling well enough to get outside for my C25k workout. Today I completed Week 3 Day 2. I’ve been taking it slow for fear of pulling a calf muscle, but all has been going well, so I ran faster my last 30 seconds. I’m going to start doing bursts like that from now on. It felt great! I can’t believe how much easier this has become in the short time I’ve been doing it. I peeked ahead to Week 4 and must admit I’m both scared and excited to try it. There is a LOT more running starting with Week 4!

I think what I’m loving about c25k is I have an actual goal when I get outside. Not that I didn’t when I went for walks, or even when I did some jogging. But with this, it’s like I have a concrete goal. I have someone telling me when to run, and I want to complete the workout. By myself, it’s too easy to say I don’t want to run anymore so I’ll just walk the rest.

Last night I was very surprised when Marcus said we should go for some family bike rides on some bike trails. What?! Is this really my husband talking???? As kids we both loved riding bike. I’m sure I would again if I just did it. My daughters are riding their bikes real well, so once my son gets going, this is something we might actually do. I would LOVE to have a family day and actually DO something active. It’ll likely be a year or two before we do this, because Kody just got his bike and won’t pedal yet. But it’s something to look forward to. And by then, I WILL be more fit so I won’t feel so silly on a bike. We are slowly becoming more active as a family, and I love it.

Finally, it’s time to report my weigh-in. I was sick much of the week, but I managed to squeak out a 0.4 pound loss! I’m happy with that! I’m currently at 265 and anxious to get out of the 260s. Again. It’ll happen. Especially if I keep exercising.

I’m definitely feeling healthier and stronger these days!

Birthday and My New Plan

We are heavy into birthdays at my house right now. My son turned 3 last week, and my daughter turns 6 tomorrow. It’s a busy time and I will be glad when the birthday season is over.

Here are a couple of pictures from Kody’s birthday. I don’t have the one of him with his cake off the camera yet, which is just as well. He got scared when I lit the candles so I have pictures of him crying with his cake! Poor kid. But he LOVED his Scooby Doo cake, and his Planes bike. He’s getting so grown up!

Scooby cake

Scooby cake

Kody loves his Planes bike!

Kody loves his Planes bike!

I started my new food plan yesterday. My goal is to cut out the obvious sugars, bread, crackers, etc. Days I do well, I get 2 Dove dark chocolates. Yesterday was a pretty easy day and the chocolates were delicious! As long as I can limit it to 2 right before bed, I am hopeful this plan will work for me.

Tomorrow won’t be a great food day with my daughter’s birthday, but that’s okay. I’ll enjoy pizza for supper, followed by cake. No chocolates tomorrow night. This doesn’t give me free reign to eat whatever I want, though. I need to learn how to eat well all day, then indulge for the one meal ONLY. Then I have to be back on track Thursday.

I’m really hoping this will allow me some freedom to enjoy things like birthdays or family gatherings. I can and should be able to indulge a little bit for special events. As long as I’m doing well the rest of the time, and get back on track immediately after the event, I will be able to lose the weight and not deprive myself.

I have started adding friends on MyFitnessPal and am enjoying it. If you’d like to add me, my username is teresainmn.

I had another great Target trip last night. I saved $45! I spent $85 on some groceries, paper products and basic household necessities. Not everything was on sale, but since I’m now watching ads, I hope to only buy things we use regularly when they’re on sale…and hopefully I’ll have a coupon too. Boy, this takes a lot of time, but it sure is addicting!!

Couponing is really helping to lighten my stress level. I’m feeling hopeful and know we can get by with careful planning and cutting out of anything unnecessary.

Do you coupon? Do you have any pointers for me?

Which way do I go?

I know I’m wishy washy on my weight loss plan. I guess I’m just trying to find what will work for me at this point in my life.

I know cutting out the sugary and processed foods works. I’ve proved that twice. The problem is it’s so easy to fall back into bad habits after allowing just a little bit of any restricted foods. When I did it, I also felt like I couldn’t divert from my path at all. So when my boss got pizza for the department, I felt like I couldn’t partake in it. I need to find a way to eat healthier most of the time, but allow myself indulgences occasionally so that I can go with the flow a bit.

One time before, I tried allowing myself two dark Dove chocolates in the evening. It didn’t work. Before I knew it, I had eaten the entire bag.

But, perhaps it’s something I can try again. I could follow my sugar-free plan, and allow myself two chocolates at the end of each day I stick with the plan. It would be a nice treat and reward for a day well done.

Or will I end up eating the entire bag within a day or two again?

Or will I say “screw it” and eat pizza, then still have my chocolates anyway since I had already messed up that day? In which case I know it would be more than two.

I don’t know. What I do know is when I stay away from sugar and processed foods, I feel a lot better. And the weight practically melts off, which is definitely a bonus!

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Do you think restricting certain foods only sets one up to fail? Or could the small daily treat be enough indulging and help me get through?

I know different things work for everyone. I’m just curious about reactions to my thoughts…your input will help me to think of various pros and cons. No matter what, I need to keep working to figure this out.

Must. Stay. Busy.

I’m working at home today and already feeling the pull of the Easter baskets. But if I give in, I won’t be able to stop and I will never reach my goals. If I can stay on track and make healthy choices today, it will be empowering and help me get through tomorrow.

Yesterday was a great day. I went for a walk when I got home from work. I usually try to jog as much as I can, but I wasn’t feeling it last night. So I just walked and enjoyed the spring weather.

After I got home, ate a healthy supper and put kids to bed, I got to work clipping coupons. I have just started couponing and knew I had to get them organized. It took at hour to clip them! Today I need to organize them into groups. It was a nice project to work on while I was watching The Voice, and kept my hands busy so I didn’t feel the need to snack.

Speaking of The Voice, I cannot believe Dani was voted out! She is amazing and one of my favorites. Do you watch it? Who are some of your favorites?

My goal is to stay busy today, so I don’t think about eating senselessly. I have a bunch of little projects I can do when I need a break from work, which will help keep me moving and my mind occupied. I always do better when I keep myself moving!

Do you have any tricks that help to keep you from eating unnecessarily?

Life’s Ups and Downs

It looks like I’m a once-every-two-weeks blogger. Blah.

I guess I’m kind of in an emotional pit. I won’t go into details, but life is just really stressful. When I get stressed, I eat. Then I sabotage my weight loss efforts and get more stressed. So I eat. It’s a vicious cycle. The Prozac is helping, but it’s definitely not a cure-all, and it doesn’t pay the bills!

One very good thing is I’ve noticed the Prozac has helped with my anxiety. I didn’t realize I had anxiety until a year or two ago. It really only happens when I’m driving, which is NOT a good time. I get a bit light-headed, then my hands and arms get tingly. A few times I’ve pulled over for fear I would pass out. It happens anytime I feel closed in, like there is fog, snow, rain, or even too much traffic or darkness. I’ve learned this anxiety developed after driving in a blizzard 6 years ago. It had become a daily event and I would do some deep breathing just to get through the drive to work. But luckily, very luckily, the Prozac has all but made this disappear! I cannot begin to tell you how liberating it is to feel like I can actually drive again! We took a family drive last weekend to visit some family, and I actually drove the entire trip. It was nice!

On the food front, I have a few really great days of eating, then a really bad day. Then 1/2 a good day followed by 3 bad days. You see how it goes… So I’m not making progress and I’m sick of it. I need to find my groove and get this moving.

So…since it is now officially SPRING (even if it doesn’t feel like it quite yet), it’s time to get moving. When my schedule and the weather permit, I will get outside to jog. Jogging is such an amazing stress reliever for me, and I miss it.

Starting TODAY, I am also trying to follow my Healthy 30 plan again. This means no obvious sugars (except creamer in my coffee, which I am cutting back on), no bread, crackers, etc. I know I do well when I stick to this plan, and I feel amazing. I’m not necessarily sticking to doing this for 30 days. It’s kind of an ongoing thing because this is how I want to eat most of the time. I also need to find ways to incorporate something like a slice of toast if it’s what I’m really craving.

I will try to blog more than once every two weeks so I can share my struggles and triumphs. I’m excited to make this a successful Day One!

Trying to find balance

I guess I haven’t been feeling the blog thing lately. I only blog when I feel compelled to, and not because I feel like I have to. So what have I been up to?

I have been back on Prozac for a week now. I honestly feel better already. There have been a few times when Marcus has asked me why I’m in such a good mood. Ha! I hate that I have been crabby for so long, but hopefully it will change now.

Finding the right balance is going to take some time, but I’m hopeful I will find what works for me. And that includes everything in life, not just health stuff. I am focusing on my personal health right now, and will add other focuses later…or perhaps they will just fall into place as I become happier and healthier.

Anyway, thanks to my fitbit group, I am getting more consistent with tracking my food. Even when I make bad food choices, I am learning to log those calories anyway. It keeps me from going totally overboard, and hopefully I will still see a deficit at the end of the week.

I am also actively working to increase my daily steps. I am up to 7000 steps each day, consistently. It’s still a challenge, but getting easier. I do lots of jogging in place, and can tell my stamina is increasing.

I suppose I should throw a weigh-in in here. This morning I was 256.2, so have about 4 pounds of holiday weight left to lose, and 19.2 pounds to my first big goal. That goal is to lose all the weight I gained while pregnant with Kody – 46 pounds! It’s frustrating that I didn’t lose more than a couple after he was born, and he was nearly 10 pounds. But it is what it is, and I’m working on it now. Hopefully by summer it’s gone!

My daughters are both selling Girl Scout cookies this year. Those things are evil!! So far they have stayed in my car. I know we will eat our fair share, but I would like to hold out until the end of the selling cycle. If I start eating them, I won’t be able to stop!

Cameron turns 8 on the 22nd, so I need to get my cake plan together. She wants either a wolf or a penguin cake. I’m not sure I can pull off the wolf, so luckily she is happy with a penguin. I’m glad I started this tradition a few years ago. The kids love their special cake, and I have fun creating them. Some have been a little funky, but they still love them! I promise to post pictures of my creation when it’s done.

I guess that’s about it. Not really exciting, huh?

In case I don’t post before then, I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Don’t eat too much candy! 😉