More c25k, Family activities, and a Weigh-in

I was sick all weekend. Actually, it’s been about a week and I’m finally feeling much better. Colds really wipe you out!! I didn’t eat the greatest while I was sick, but didn’t do terrible. I’m really trying to exercise at least every other day, so was bummed when I had to take a few days off. Friday I was home all day binge-watching Parenthood, and started to cry when a couple announced their engagement to the family. That’s how I knew I was sick for real. I get crazy emotional when I’m sick!

By Sunday, I was feeling well enough to get outside for my C25k workout. Today I completed Week 3 Day 2. I’ve been taking it slow for fear of pulling a calf muscle, but all has been going well, so I ran faster my last 30 seconds. I’m going to start doing bursts like that from now on. It felt great! I can’t believe how much easier this has become in the short time I’ve been doing it. I peeked ahead to Week 4 and must admit I’m both scared and excited to try it. There is a LOT more running starting with Week 4!

I think what I’m loving about c25k is I have an actual goal when I get outside. Not that I didn’t when I went for walks, or even when I did some jogging. But with this, it’s like I have a concrete goal. I have someone telling me when to run, and I want to complete the workout. By myself, it’s too easy to say I don’t want to run anymore so I’ll just walk the rest.

Last night I was very surprised when Marcus said we should go for some family bike rides on some bike trails. What?! Is this really my husband talking???? As kids we both loved riding bike. I’m sure I would again if I just did it. My daughters are riding their bikes real well, so once my son gets going, this is something we might actually do. I would LOVE to have a family day and actually DO something active. It’ll likely be a year or two before we do this, because Kody just got his bike and won’t pedal yet. But it’s something to look forward to. And by then, I WILL be more fit so I won’t feel so silly on a bike. We are slowly becoming more active as a family, and I love it.

Finally, it’s time to report my weigh-in. I was sick much of the week, but I managed to squeak out a 0.4 pound loss! I’m happy with that! I’m currently at 265 and anxious to get out of the 260s. Again. It’ll happen. Especially if I keep exercising.

I’m definitely feeling healthier and stronger these days!


Drumroll Please!

I’m going to cut to the chase and give you the good news. I lost 6.2 pounds this week!!!!

It was mostly water weight, but I am thrilled and already feeling better. My pants were getting TIGHT. Now I need to keep this up and have another good weigh-in next week.

I have to admit I felt like taking the day off from tracking my food. But I received a comment on my MyFitnessPal page (thank you, Leanne) about my weight loss which reminded me I have given my fat an eviction notice. I won’t continue to make progress if I take days off all the time. And I’m not feeling the pull towards the kitchen like I have the past few weeks or month. So I’m not going to eat mindlessly. I am tracking my food today and plan to do well.

One motivator I have is that we’re having our family pictures taken at church in early August. It’s been 5 years since we’ve had them done, and I would love to be at the same weight I was then. That means I have 20-25 pounds to lose. Whether I make it or not (because it’s a hefty goal!), I will give it my best effort and I WILL feel and look better.

I’ll be heading out to do my c25k workout soon. I still can’t believe I look forward to jogging!

I don’t want to jinx myself…

…but I think I’m back on track!


I am still doing the c25k program. And enjoying it! I finished Week 2 Day 2 last night. I might stay on this week a couple extra workouts and try to increase my jogging speed before moving on. I’ll see how my next workout goes – hopefully tomorrow if I don’t get rained out.

I have also decided I have to log my food. Just do it! No matter what food plan I follow, I HAVE to track it! So I’m back to using MyFitnessPal and am doing well. I’ve been avoiding sugar and breads. I don’t feel deprived either…it’s like the switch flipped in my brain and I’m ready to do it. I hope this feeling continues. I know I will have hard days, but I want to power through them…I haven’t wanted to in a while.

I’m too close to gaining back all the weight that I’ve lost, so decided it’s time to get serious. I’ve been exercising for a few weeks, and started tracking my food on Sunday, June 1. Just the first day, I was down 5 pounds! I know I was really bloated, and luckily this is timed with my Time Of Month. I’m feeling strong, AND losing the bloat. I should see a really nice loss on the scale tomorrow. MFP friends, don’t get too excited when you see my loss. I’ve gained much more than that!

I’m just happy to be on track and feeling good.

Well, other than my neck pain. I woke up Sunday with horrible neck pain. I must have slept on it wrong, and it was extremely painful all day Sunday. It’s much better now, but still hurts.

Next time I check in, I hope to report that I’m still on track!!

Giving C25k another shot

Yes, you read that right. I am trying the C25k program again. I tried it once before, maybe a year ago. I made it through ONE workout. ONE! It was great, but then I started having foot problems or pulled my calf muscle. I don’t recall which it was as I’ve had problems with both.

I’m happy to report that this time I have made it through THREE workouts so far! I started late last week. During my first workout, at the end of my first jogging portion, my left calf muscle seized up. It freaked me out, for fear of pulling it and having to deal with an injury again. But I decided I would just take it easy during the jogging parts. I think I’ve been trying to jog too fast or something, so since then, I’ve gone at a nice slow pace. I’ve made it through three workouts, successfully, and it feels great!

I will go through the program slow. If I get to a workout that feels too hard, I’ll go back to another one, or keep repeating it until it gets easier. Whether or not I finish the program doesn’t really matter to me. I just like the structure and it pushes me to do something more strenuous than walking.

My steps have also increased dramatically over the long weekend. I hit an average of 10,000 steps four days in a row! That’s saying a lot since I usually have to push myself to get 7000 steps in a day. By last night, I was exhausted!

While I have been doing well on the exercise front, my eating has been anything but good. Despite my bad eating habits, my spirits are high and I feel better than I have in a long time. I feel more like my old self, the person I’ve been trying to find and figure out who she is with kids.

It was a really nice long weekend. Crops are planted (YAY!!), our vegetable garden is planted, kids were fairly well behaved, I had more patience with the kids, I got some regular exercise, I did some baking which I used to enjoy, the weather was perfect…it was great and I could use another day off of work. I hope this is a pattern that continues.

That’s about it for updates at the moment. I’m hoping to get outside for another c25k workout tonight. If it’s raining, I’ll need to clean my filthy house since it wasn’t  a priority at all over the weekend.

I feel SO much better when I’m productive and active!


Wake-Up Call

Yesterday was my first full day of wearing my FitBit pedometer. I knew it would be a very inactive day, but wow, I was surprised by just how low my steps were! I didn’t exercise, and my desk job was especially slow. I didn’t even clear 4000 steps!! Yikes!

So today, I put it on and did my wii Biggest Loser workout. It didn’t add many steps because my current routine focuses on core strength, but it still felt good to do it. Then I did my first C25K workout before starting work. Luckily, I’m working at home today so had time to do this after dropping the kids off at daycare. The first workout wasn’t super hard, but it definitely pushed me. I’m sure I will be sore tomorrow. It felt great and is definitely a great mood elevator. And I have already surpassed 4000 steps by 7:30 am!!

Perhaps the kids and I can go for a short walk tonight and get some more steps in.

It’s going to be a great day!!

FitBit, C25K, and Mid-May Goal Change

I ordered a FitBit pedometer and it arrived yesterday! For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a highly accurate pedometer. You can read more at I am really hoping this helps motivate me to keep moving. Today is my first full day of wearing it, so I’ll see how many steps I reach in a typical day with no official exercise. It’ll be a good baseline to start with.

Thanks to Sharon at, I am considering doing the C25K, or Couch to 5k, program. You see, I’ve had visions of becoming a runner. This is something I never, ever thought I would be serious about. Yet the visions are still there. I think running will be an excellent stress reliever for me, moreso than most other exercises I have tried. I enjoy walking, but I like the idea of burning more calories and relieving stress in a shorter period of time. My life is busy, so I need something that will be the most time efficient. I will make out a “training” schedule and stick to it the best I can. I do need to be somewhat flexible, depending on the weather and when Marcus is in the fields. But it’s only 3 days each week, so I can make it work.

I also am revising my goal for May. Originally, I said I was going to log my food every single day with MyFitnessPal. I admit, I am really struggling with this the past few days. I had it set to lose 2 pounds each week, so perhaps that is what has gotten me off track. I have changed my goal to lose 1 pound each week, which gives me quite a few more calories each day, so hopefully it doesn’t leave me feeling deprived, which only leads to bingeing.

My new goals for the remainder of the month are below.

  1. Walk at least 10,000 steps a minimum of 4 days each week.
  2. Start the C25K program.

These goals really go hand-in-hand. If I do the C25K program, I will be that much closer to getting my 10,000 steps in those days. If I get my 3 days of training in this week (I’m off work Thurs and Fri, which will make it easier), I should be able to get my first 3 weeks of training done by the end of the month.

I am excited about this! I know diet plays a big role in weight loss, but I also know I feel better when I exercise, regardless of what I’m eating. I will still log my food, but am going to focus more on exercise right now. And hope my calf doesn’t act up.

Anyone else have a FitBit? What do you think?

Has anyone else done the C25K program?