A post of miscellaneous ramblings

This past week has gone fairly well for me. Here are my December goals again, along with an update of each:

~ 10 glasses of water every day – SUCCESS! I think there was one day I even managed 12 glasses!

~ 10 minutes of exercise 5 days a week – So far so good! I have taken 2 days off since Sunday, so technically need to get some official exercise to really make this one a success. Whether I do or not, I am moving more, which is the point.

~ log calories 5 days a week, and stay within MyFitnessPal range – SUCCESS! Thursday night I nearly had a binge, but it was a busy night so I wouldn’t have had much time to enjoy whatever I wanted to indulge in. So I stuck to my plan and felt great for that. Friday was a day off from logging. I knew I needed the break or I would totally binge. While I didn’t eat great (far from it, actually), I didn’t go totally crazy eating whatever I wanted all day long. Today I don’t have to log as I have already reached my weekly goal, but I think I will. Even if I go over my calories.

~ 60 second plank every day – SUCCESS!

I’m feeling good about my goals and hope everything continues to go this well.

This week a friend told me she’s always thought I’ve been better than most at getting back on track. What a compliment! I have never really thought that about myself because I struggle so much. But maybe she’s right. Other than when I was having babies and totally let myself go, I always seem to be working at improving my health and physique.

Marcus is off hunting again. Usually he just goes deer hunting once a year, but this year he talked me into “letting” him go pheasant hunting as well. So I’m doing chores again. And I’m not thrilled with it. This morning was -4 degrees!! But I am getting more comfortable with it all the time, even in the dark. It’s getting easier physically, and I like how it makes me get up in the morning. Yesterday I even did part of a Walk Away the Pounds video since I was up.

Today I need to make a major dent in my Christmas shopping. I have lots of ideas…just need to make some decisions and get things purchased. I will likely do most of my shopping online. I like how I can see more choices easily…and I don’t have to go outside in this bitter cold.