A post of miscellaneous ramblings

This past week has gone fairly well for me. Here are my December goals again, along with an update of each:

~ 10 glasses of water every day – SUCCESS! I think there was one day I even managed 12 glasses!

~ 10 minutes of exercise 5 days a week – So far so good! I have taken 2 days off since Sunday, so technically need to get some official exercise to really make this one a success. Whether I do or not, I am moving more, which is the point.

~ log calories 5 days a week, and stay within MyFitnessPal range – SUCCESS! Thursday night I nearly had a binge, but it was a busy night so I wouldn’t have had much time to enjoy whatever I wanted to indulge in. So I stuck to my plan and felt great for that. Friday was a day off from logging. I knew I needed the break or I would totally binge. While I didn’t eat great (far from it, actually), I didn’t go totally crazy eating whatever I wanted all day long. Today I don’t have to log as I have already reached my weekly goal, but I think I will. Even if I go over my calories.

~ 60 second plank every day – SUCCESS!

I’m feeling good about my goals and hope everything continues to go this well.

This week a friend told me she’s always thought I’ve been better than most at getting back on track. What a compliment! I have never really thought that about myself because I struggle so much. But maybe she’s right. Other than when I was having babies and totally let myself go, I always seem to be working at improving my health and physique.

Marcus is off hunting again. Usually he just goes deer hunting once a year, but this year he talked me into “letting” him go pheasant hunting as well. So I’m doing chores again. And I’m not thrilled with it. This morning was -4 degrees!! But I am getting more comfortable with it all the time, even in the dark. It’s getting easier physically, and I like how it makes me get up in the morning. Yesterday I even did part of a Walk Away the Pounds video since I was up.

Today I need to make a major dent in my Christmas shopping. I have lots of ideas…just need to make some decisions and get things purchased. I will likely do most of my shopping online. I like how I can see more choices easily…and I don’t have to go outside in this bitter cold.



Quick Check-in

Life is so crazy I haven’t had much time to check-in. I do have a couple of recipes to post, but need my hands to warm up more so I can type easier. It’s COLD here in Minnesota! Our house got really cold this week and we ended up buying some electric heaters. They are worth every penny! It’s still not as warm as I’d like, but better than it would have been!

Because it’s so cold, I’ve slipped a little on my water consumption. I’m still doing okay, but there are a couple of days I didn’t meet my goal.

The one nice thing about the colder temps is that I don’t mind exercising as much because it warms me up! I ended up missing my wii Biggest Loser workout the other night, but I got back right on schedule after that. I really wish my treadmill was in working order because I feel likc using it! Marcus needs to look at it first; it’s just not safe right now. Safety first!

My diet has suffered a bit this week. Not terribly, but definitely could be better. My main thing is I need to add more veggies to my day. Since it’s so cold, I’ll have to make a soup loaded with vegetables. I’ll put that on the meal plan and search for a new recipe.

Marcus’s birthday is tomorrow, so I know I’ll have some yummy carrot cake. But a big chunk of it is going across the road to my in-laws. I’ll have to make Marcus hide the rest so I’m not tempted to eat more.

For having cold hands, I sure typed more than I planned! 🙂