Post-Long Weekend Inspiration

diamondsI needed this little tidbit today.

After my hot streak, I have gotten a bit off track, but I will persevere! Today I commit to getting my diet cleaned up, and getting my steps up. I’m getting ready to go for a short walk in the skyways in a few minutes. Now that I posted about it, I have to do it, right?? 😉

This quote is also fitting for the farming difficulties we’ve been having. It has been raining nonstop, and will likely continue raining until Saturday. There is standing water in the fields. No one in our area can plant crops. Once the rain stops, we probably need a week for the fields to dry out. We’re running out of time to plant corn…if it doesn’t have enough time to grow, there won’t be a crop. This is about the latest we’ve planted, although my father-in-law said they planted corn once in June, which made both Marcus and I feel better. It was a lousy crop, but there was a crop. I didn’t quite understand the impact of the weather until I married into a farming family. It’s extremely stressful, and quite honestly, I’m tired of all the belly aching from people who are simply feeling cooped up. We are too, but our livelihood depends on the weather, and we need the income from the crops to help support our family. But farmers are resilient. We, and all those in our community, will get through this.

The weather has been weighing on me lately, which may be part of the reason I haven’t been eating as well. But it’s time to turn it around! We will get through the farm issues, and I will be a stronger and healthier person on the other side of this.

Somewhere deep inside me, there is a diamond.


May Motivation

I know it’s not May yet, but I came across this little tidbit. This is one of the things I will use to help with my motivation throughout the month.


Many times I think I don’t have the time, energy or motivation to exercise, prepare meals, count calories… But if I want to see results, I need to MAKE time. And I need to DO it whether I have the energy and motivation or not.

My calf feels better each day. While it’s not completely healed, I think I can slowly start doing some modified workouts and pray I don’t do something to set myself back.

May goals will be coming tomorrow. I’m ready!!

Just Do It

How I visualize myself is definitely changing. I’m starting to imagine myself wearing cute clothes again, and walking and jogging outside as much as I can when the weather warms up. I see myself enjoying a more active life.

While I feel I am making progress on the inside, I am ready to take some leaps and get the outside to catch up. It’s time to make these visions a reality!