My 1000 Days Journey

1000 days. That is how long this journey will be. My official start date is January 1, 2013, ending September 28, 2015.

No, this is not a New Year’s Resolution. I don’t believe in them. It’s simply a convenient start date. But I DO believe in constant self-improvement. This blog will document my progress as I work towards becoming the person I want to be – inside and out.

Why 1000 days?

I have some big goals I want to accomplish. Less time, even a full year, wouldn’t be enough time. It would only put pressure on me, I would get overwhelmed and ultimately give up. 1000 days is an attainable amount of time to reach my goals, without being overwhelming. As long as I continue to make progress, it is totally achievable.

What are my goals?

~ I want to reach my goal weight. I have a lot to lose. Actual numbers will be kept secret for now, in case I decide to share this blog with friends and family.
~ I want to eat healthy, and probably follow a clean diet, most of the time.
~ I want to be physically fit. In addition to cardio, I want to incorporate some kind of toning and muscle building exercises.
~ I want to incorporate meditation into my life. Life is stressful – God knows I need this to help balance things out!

Ultimately, I am on a mission to clean up my diet, my body and my mind – my life. Are you with me?


4 thoughts on “My 1000 Days Journey

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  2. Just a suggestion..go have your thyroid checked out. I had other problems, not weight and my thyroid was under-active. I take Armour and I feel better.

    Need to find the right doctor though. The numbers in your blood test is not always right. Its symptoms that you go by. Did you know when a woman gets pregnant, the thyroid stops working. So her body can except the little growing body in her and also gain some weight.

    After giving birth the thyroid starts to work again and the woman looses the weight. But many a times the thyroid doesn’t start up again and the woman has harder time to loose weight.

    Some symptoms are when waking does not feel rested, cold hands and feet, unable to loose weight, coronic inflammation, heart palpitations, temperature of body upon waking in the morning is less than 98.6, hot flashes.

    Check this website out:

    You want to read more Google: thyroid symptoms
    There are doctors now who except the thyroid as root cause to a lot of our health problems.

    Hope this can help you on your 1000 day journey.

    Thanks for sharing. If you like you are invited to view Savor the Food.We would appreciate your comments and readership.

    Chef Randall

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