Tonight I will go to bed proud!

Even though I am happy with my life and decisions, I have been in a rut. I haven’t been making healthy choices, and I have pretty much been lazy, lazy, lazy!

At first I told myself I was enjoying the downtime for the first time since having babies. I deserve it, right?

Okay, but after 6 months of relaxation, it’s time to get ME back. I miss the me from 10 years ago who would feel great after a day of cleaning, organizing, whatever the project was. I miss the me who could concentrate on a task and get it done. Yes, housework is overrated, but I also feel better mentally when I have a clean house. Mine isn’t a dump by any means, but I don’t keep up on the basics.

It isn’t about the cleaning, but more a sense of accomplishment.

I also haven’t been productive at work like I used to be. My job is getting busy and will only get busier until early November when my project is complete. I need to focus and get caught up before I am hit with even more items to process. I will regret it later if I don’t. Plus I could REALLY use the overtime pay.

Today I WILL be productive. I WILL go to bed tonight pleased with the things I accomplished.


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