Another quick check-in

I have been neglecting my blog. Life is crazy right now! This week in particular is really bad.

We don’t have daycare all week. My mother-in-law, who is usually able to help watch kids, is recovering from foot surgery. I have no one to watch Kody so I am working at home most of the week.

On top of this, Marcus had a colonoscopy Monday, so I spent half the day sitting in the hospital. Then Friday my mom is having weight loss surgery, but we don’t know what time, so I will be spending more time in the hospital. Luckily my dad is taking my kids overnight so I don’t have to worry about them for the day.

Work is busy, so I need to work in the evenings to try to stay caught up. That is pretty much impossible this time of year, but I need to do what I can now so I can maybe avoid some 60 hour weeks later.

That pretty much sums up my crazy life right now. No, I haven’t been running, and I miss it!

The good news is I have lost 2.9 pounds in the past 10 days or so that my friend and I have been sending pics to each other of what we eat. It has really helped me to keep things under control. I haven’t eaten perfect, but knowing I have to show her what I’m eating makes me stop eating sooner.

That’s about it…hopefully I’ll have time soon to catch up on reading your blogs!


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