A Quick Update

Life is crazy again. Isn’t is always?? Here is a quick update.

We’ve had people stealing from our place in the middle of the night. We’re on a farm and the original homestead has been a dumping ground for 40+ years. We figured out some people were coming and taking steel and stuff, so we got a trail camera and now have proof, although no license plates. I talked to a deputy last week and they had extra patrol in the area. I don’t have any updates, except that I think they’re done. The place is pretty much cleaned out now. It went on for almost 3 weeks and I was loosing sleep. I suspect it’s related to a theft ring in our area. We’re not pressing charges…but I want them caught.

I haven’t been running like I was. It’s been a bit humid, and our schedules have gotten crazy. Next week will be worse. I’m still hoping to get out to run a few times each week.

Marcus is having some health issues too. I won’t say much yet since we don’t know much, except that I hope this is a wake-up call that he needs to eat better. It would help me too, and help to teach our kids how they should be eating. I will gladly do it with him if he is on-board with this.

Work is getting busier so I better buckle down here. I really need to start working some in the evenings too, except I keep putting it off. That will make it worse in a month or so, so I need to get myself motivated!

I’ll check in when I can!

PS – I hate how I can’t find my previous tags anymore. The old layout was nice with seeing commonly used tags. Whatever…I’ll have to deal with it! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Yikes! on Marcus, but it may be a blessing in disguise for all of you if he starts eating better, as I know you’ll join him, and the kids won’t really have a choice! 🙂

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