Yesterday was a struggle!

I am feeling so great since getting more consistent with eating healthy and getting regular exercise. Yesterday I was working at home and wanted to eat crap all day long! No one was home to see me, so why not? I fought All. Day. Long!

I fought the urge through lunch. And the afternoon. And supper. And the evening.

The only thing keeping me from bingeing was focusing on how great I was feeling. And knowing I will indulge over the holiday weekend helped a little bit. It’s okay to indulge occasionally but I need to learn to plan for those times and do well more often.

I am incredibly proud to report that I stayed on track all day!

I woke up in the middle of the night hungry. I just went back to sleep. I am now starving and cannot wait for lunch. I’m trying really, really hard to stay on track today too.

This morning I was feeling a bit lighter, so stepped on the scale. It’s not official until my next weigh-in, but I lost 1.3 pounds in just one day! It made yesterday totally worth it! I’m hoping it’ll help me stick to it today as well.

At work will be easy. I packed my lunch so can only eat what I brought. Tonight could be dicey. I do need to clean the house – bad – so will have to stay busy with that. If I keep moving, I hope it’ll keep my mind focused.

Tomorrow I plan to get up and go for a run right away. Then we’ll be busy with the local 4th of July parade and other festivities.

What tips do you have for not giving in to temptation?


5 thoughts on “Yesterday was a struggle!

  1. You did better than me. When I feel I am struggling to resist, I can only hold out for so long. To succeed, I need to remove myself from the proximity of the temptation.

  2. Good for you for staying strong! I know the temptations are always there and so hard to overcome! I do what you do, I try and stay busy and sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. If I do give in, I just make sure I make up for it the next day and try to dissect why and where I went wrong. That way I can try and prevent it next time. You’re doing great! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award! You should definitely go check out the other blogs I nominated if you are not already following them! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on making it through that day!!! I know exactly how that feels but when I get like that I almost always give in. Thank god those don’t happen too often. I’m also cleaning my house today in preparation for a party tomorrow. When I do it right, it turns into an all-day ordeal so I’m counting it as exercise!

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