What a week!

When I posted last week, I mentioned that I had been sick. Well, I’m still sick. I have been to the doctor twice now.

You see, my cold turned into a sinus infection. My ears hurt for two days when I finally decided I should go to the doctor. I might be a baby at home when I’m sick, but I do not go to the doctor unless I’ve feeling pretty miserable. I went on Friday, was given an antibiotic, and was told I should feel better by Monday or Tuesday. It’s now Wednesday. I’m feeling better, yet my head still hurts and my ears are still plugged. I went back to the doctor and have added a steroid nasal spray to my regimen. I do not like to take medicine, and especially hate nasal sprays. But by now, I’ll try just about anything to feel better.

I haven’t gotten any formal exercise since last Thursday. I am missing my c25k workouts! Between feeling sick, and the terrible thunderstorms and tornado threats, I haven’t been able to get outside. I’m anxious to get back to it.

Eating hasn’t been the greatest either. It’s just so dang hard to care when you’re sick! I must not be making totally terrible choices though, because I managed to squeak out another .4 pound loss this week! I’m at 264.6.

As long as the scale keeps moving down, I will be happy. This is a lifestyle change and life happens. I’ll get sick or weather will be too wet. But I will make the most of the situation and do the best I can, but also cut myself some slack.

I’m still saving a decent amount of money couponing. It’s a lot of work, yet I feel the financial stress lifting. Well, I do and I don’t. Things are still extremely tight, but I can tell it’s getting more manageable. And I’m stocking up on necessities, but not like a crazy person because I just don’t have the storage space.

Hopefully I’ll be healthy one of these days. I want to enjoy some summer fun with my kids!


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