Must. Stay. Busy.

I’m working at home today and already feeling the pull of the Easter baskets. But if I give in, I won’t be able to stop and I will never reach my goals. If I can stay on track and make healthy choices today, it will be empowering and help me get through tomorrow.

Yesterday was a great day. I went for a walk when I got home from work. I usually try to jog as much as I can, but I wasn’t feeling it last night. So I just walked and enjoyed the spring weather.

After I got home, ate a healthy supper and put kids to bed, I got to work clipping coupons. I have just started couponing and knew I had to get them organized. It took at hour to clip them! Today I need to organize them into groups. It was a nice project to work on while I was watching The Voice, and kept my hands busy so I didn’t feel the need to snack.

Speaking of The Voice, I cannot believe Dani was voted out! She is amazing and one of my favorites. Do you watch it? Who are some of your favorites?

My goal is to stay busy today, so I don’t think about eating senselessly. I have a bunch of little projects I can do when I need a break from work, which will help keep me moving and my mind occupied. I always do better when I keep myself moving!

Do you have any tricks that help to keep you from eating unnecessarily?


4 thoughts on “Must. Stay. Busy.

  1. Good luck keeping busy at home. Distracting myself works sometimes, but when my brain goes into “eat” mode then sometimes nothing can stop me. Keeping disciplined messages in my mind can be helpful, like that I have no choice and will not touch the food. Or reasoning with myself as to why it’s a bad idea which it sounds like you are doing. 🙂
    I’ve been more hungry this week than usual, probably from all the food eaten last week. It’s hard to resist when my body was getting used to eating lots of food all day long!

    • I don’t really trust myself to work at home anymore…today ended up not going well. 😦 Maybe I need to allow myself a little treat at the end of the day if I do well…maybe a small bit of dark chocolate or something. Problem is I have a hard time waiting and before I know it the bag is gone. But if I can learn to discipline myself, that might be a good option. Hmm…

  2. Since I’ve been back from vacation, I just want to eat all the time. I’m trying hard to keep myself busy as well, and not think about the snacks that I can buy in the cafeteria. I need to get one good day of eating as well.. I had a butter croissant earlier today, so I’m afraid it won’t be today… but that’s okay. It was so good! hehe..

    • I wish it wasn’t so hard to get back on track after having the less healthy stuff. So far I’m doing good today, even though we have lots of candy and the kids won’t notice if I take some. hehe

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