Still on the upswing??

Last week when I posted, I was feeling a bit better about my stress level. While my diet is still all over the place, I am feeling better emotionally.

We had a nice Easter weekend. Saturday I took the kids to an Easter egg hunt with my in-laws (grandma, aunts, cousins). Those things are always chaos, so I wouldn’t brave it on my own with 3 kids. But with grandma and 3 aunts to help, it makes it enjoyable.  There is a church in our area that hosts the hunt each year, and it’s a nice event. This year weather was decent (although windy!) so there was an even better turnout than usual. Most years, each kid fills a plastic grocery bag with plastic eggs. This year Kody got almost a full bag, Allison about half a bag, and Cameron only got about 8 eggs! Cameron’s age group must have had more kids than they expected, because she had to really hurry to get those few eggs. It was actually really disappointing for her…all the anticipation and waiting, to have the entire thing done in 30 seconds. And her little brother and sister are good about sharing, so that helps.

Easter Day was nice too. After going to church, we headed to my mom’s house for the day. We enjoyed some wine, which was really good after not having it for so long. Just proves that things taste better when I don’t have them all the time. I also don’t miss these things when I don’t indulge in them frequently.

I did not eat well this weekend. Yesterday I was determined to get back on track and ate well all day. Then I got home to a bag of Easter candy from my mother-in-law. So that ended up being my supper. Not my best choice!

I am determined, again, to do well today. It’s still early, but I know I will do well if I stay out of the kids’ candy tonight. And I plan to stay busy, so that will help.

I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned it here, but I am part of a fitbit group for people with 75+ pounds to lose. It is a wonderful group with lots of support. There are daily and weekly challenges, and I am becoming more consistent in completing them. One example is we have Middle Monday where we work our core. One of the suggested exercises is a plank, and I can tell I’m getting stronger. I start by doing a real plank as long as I can, then drop to my knees for the rest of the time. When I first did a plank months ago, I could barely hold a real one for 2 seconds. Last night I held it for 15 seconds!!!! It was an amazing feeling. 🙂

This week there is also a challenge to spend just 5 minutes a day doing some kind of spring cleaning…whether it’s cleaning a window or going through one dresser drawer and getting rid of clothes that no longer fit. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes?? Most of the time, getting started is the hardest part, so once I get going, I finish the task at hand. Since I feel obligated to the group, it is pushing me to get things done…things I’ve been wanting to do anyway. It’s been a good group for me.

* As a side note, if you have a fitbit pedometer, at least 75 pounds to lose, and are interested in the group, let me know.

While I’m not making progress with my weight, I am getting stronger. I am feeling better emotionally. I am working to get my stress under control.

If I keep this up, I know I will eventually see the results on the scale. It will happen. And I will keep the weight off.

Just wait and see.


4 thoughts on “Still on the upswing??

    • Even though it’s hard, I like planking. I feel like it actually does something, as opposed to other exercise that don’t feel like they do a thing. I just need to do it more often!

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