Trying to kick my stress to the curb!

The stress in my life has been out of control. Financial stress is the worst right now. When I’m stressed, I eat. When I eat too much, then I don’t lose weight or even gain a few pounds, making me more stressed. Eating more than I need to costs more money, which makes my financial stress worse. It’s a vicious cycle.

There is good news.

I have decided not to be so strict with what I eat. Days I feel like tracking what I eat, I will. Days I feel overwhelmed, I won’t…although I’ll try to make decent choices. I am focusing on moving more. That helps my stress more effectively than eating anyway. Right now I don’t feel as pressured to be perfect. Instead I’m trying to go with the flow and make positive, healthy changes without focusing on the weight loss part.

Yesterday I logged my food and had a good food day! It just clicked and didn’t seem like a daunting task. I feel like doing it again today. Can you believe it?!

I’m also taking some drastic measures to help us makes ends meet financially. I am planning to become a crazy coupon lady! LOL I love Target’s cartwheel app…between that and coupons, I saved $60 last night! And it was all stuff I would have bought anyway. It takes time that I don’t really have, but it’s necessary right now.

I have not had wine in close to a month, and my husband has not bought beer in at least that long. It’s saving money, plus I feel better when I don’t drink. I definitely need to make sure to enjoy alcohol in moderation from now on. It makes me feel bogged down and irritable when I drink it too often.

The past few days I am feeling better emotionally. I feel like I’m making the best changes I can to ease my biggest stress.

Now I just hope I can continue on this upswing…


2 thoughts on “Trying to kick my stress to the curb!

  1. It’s good to hear you have a plan that’s not going to be too restricting and might help ease some of the stress on your shoulders. It feels really good to know you’re saving money at the grocery store, too. $60 is a lot to save!

    • I could hardly believe the savings! I can see how people get hooked on couponing. lol Even when things aren’t so tight, I might keep doing this…eventually anything extra I can save for vacations or something fun!

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