Treadmill and Free By 40

My treadmill works again!!!!

This has been a long time coming. A few years ago, I stopped using it much because walking on it hurt my foot. Then I noticed it just wasn’t working right. I would be clipping along at a nice pace, and it would just stop! That’s not safe at all, so I quit using it. I wanted to try cleaning it first to see if that would help. I looked and couldn’t figure out how to get the cover off, so I have asked Marcus a few times over the past year or more. Yesterday, I asked AGAIN. Well, he was super bored yesterday, so he got it done! I walked on it for about 15 minutes to test it out and it seems to be working fine. Woohoo!

My foot started to hurt a little bit, so I think my body doesn’t like that hard surface. But it felt so good to use it again! I still want to get outside when I can, but at least I have this as an option.

I am sticking to the smaller amount of creamer in my coffee. You know what? I’m actually really enjoying it! I’m hopeful I’ll be able to cut back a bit more one of these days.

I have decided I will be Free by 40. What does this mean, you ask? It means I want to be free of the extra weight, free of the financial stress, free of anything that weighs me down either physically or metaphorically. I have just under two years to do this.

If I stay on track more and continue to make small lifestyle changes, there is no reason I cannot be at a healthy weight in two years. Financially, it’s going to be a tough year with the farm, but we’ll find a way to make it work. I can tell it’s getting easier to pay our personal bills with our paychecks, and that will gradually continue to improve. Other stuff? Well, the Prozac is definitely helping my moods and patience with the kids. As always, I continue to strive to improve myself and how I react to things.

I want to go into my 40s feeling free. The kids will be a bit older and I’ll be able to leave them home alone so I can go for walks, weed the garden, or whatever else I need to do. Lots of things will be better. And I believe they’ll be even better once I’ve shed the weight. I know it doesn’t fix everything, but at least I’ll have more energy and will have found time to care for my body and my health.

Do you have any long term or short term goals you’re working on?


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