First jog of the year!

It’s cold out today – mid-20s. But there isn’t much wind, so I took advantage of it and went for my first jog of the year! Well, walking and jogging intervals, actually. It felt great!! I returned to my chaotic home feeling renewed and a bit more energetic and determined. I can’t wait to get out there again!

I also need to get my treadmill fixed so I can use it when I can’t/don’t want to get outside.

How have I been eating? I start out every day great. I usually have a bowl of oatmeal (need to get back into smoothies too), and have cut back on my creamer a bit. Not a ton, but enough that I’m saving some calories and the taste isn’t a drastic change. I can handle it, so will continue with that for a bit longer.

It seems around midday to early evening, my eating goes downhill. It’s been bad. I’d like to blame it on all the Girl Scout cookies we have, but for now they’re in my car so it takes some effort to get to them. But still, I’ll be happy when they’re gone. I don’t buy much junk for the house at all, although my husband does. What he does buy doesn’t usually appeal to me that much, so I need to learn to stay out of it.

Today, so far, is going well. Maybe the jogging helped? Or maybe it helps that I’m actually getting some cleaning done around the house? I always feel better after things are picked up and clean. For the few moments it lasts anyway.

My son-who-refuses-to-nap today needs me. Off to help him. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “First jog of the year!

  1. I have been finding evenings easier for my schedule, but I hope to get back to morning times. This helps me set the day for eating better. Not to mention MyFitnessPal is working great!

  2. Sorry your evenings haven’t been as good as your mornings. It always feels easier to have a great start to the day but sometimes as the day goes on it just gets harder for some reason. Are you stressed?

    I think exercise always helps my mood and how I feel in general. It’s motivating and curbs the appetite/cravings, which is always a good thing!

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