Life’s Ups and Downs

It looks like I’m a once-every-two-weeks blogger. Blah.

I guess I’m kind of in an emotional pit. I won’t go into details, but life is just really stressful. When I get stressed, I eat. Then I sabotage my weight loss efforts and get more stressed. So I eat. It’s a vicious cycle. The Prozac is helping, but it’s definitely not a cure-all, and it doesn’t pay the bills!

One very good thing is I’ve noticed the Prozac has helped with my anxiety. I didn’t realize I had anxiety until a year or two ago. It really only happens when I’m driving, which is NOT a good time. I get a bit light-headed, then my hands and arms get tingly. A few times I’ve pulled over for fear I would pass out. It happens anytime I feel closed in, like there is fog, snow, rain, or even too much traffic or darkness. I’ve learned this anxiety developed after driving in a blizzard 6 years ago. It had become a daily event and I would do some deep breathing just to get through the drive to work. But luckily, very luckily, the Prozac has all but made this disappear! I cannot begin to tell you how liberating it is to feel like I can actually drive again! We took a family drive last weekend to visit some family, and I actually drove the entire trip. It was nice!

On the food front, I have a few really great days of eating, then a really bad day. Then 1/2 a good day followed by 3 bad days. You see how it goes… So I’m not making progress and I’m sick of it. I need to find my groove and get this moving.

So…since it is now officially SPRING (even if it doesn’t feel like it quite yet), it’s time to get moving. When my schedule and the weather permit, I will get outside to jog. Jogging is such an amazing stress reliever for me, and I miss it.

Starting TODAY, I am also trying to follow my Healthy 30 plan again. This means no obvious sugars (except creamer in my coffee, which I am cutting back on), no bread, crackers, etc. I know I do well when I stick to this plan, and I feel amazing. I’m not necessarily sticking to doing this for 30 days. It’s kind of an ongoing thing because this is how I want to eat most of the time. I also need to find ways to incorporate something like a slice of toast if it’s what I’m really craving.

I will try to blog more than once every two weeks so I can share my struggles and triumphs. I’m excited to make this a successful Day One!


4 thoughts on “Life’s Ups and Downs

  1. Sorry you’ve been going through so much. Anxiety is no fun at all. I’m an anxious driver, though not to the same extent. I get very flustered and it effects my day in a negative way.

    • I completely understand. Do you do anything that helps you work through it, like deep breathing, talking to yourself, or anything? I also found if I was more distracted, like talking on the phone, I did better because I wasn’t focused on whatever was bothering me. But, that’s not exactly the safest option.

      • My problem is that I don’t have many strategies and I need to seek out more help. So far the two things I do are to take deep breaths when I notice my anxiety running high (usually I am an extremely shallow breather or I’ll notice I’m not really breathing much at all when I’m anxious) and listen to Pandora stations that relax me. Right now I’m listening to late 90’s music that remind me of my teenage years.

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