Birthday/Daughter Fun!

Well, hello everyone! Miss me? Obviously I just haven’t felt the blogging vibe lately. Maybe it’s this horrible, long winter. I won’t complain too much though…I know most of the country has had a rough one.

I’m still trying to get in my weight loss groove. I’m doing okay…definitely not gaining weight! I’m trying to make healthy food choices, but also trying to not worry about it too much if I don’t always eat great. My biggest focuses right now are drinking more water (80+ ounces each day) and getting more sleep. I know the water really helps to reduce my cravings, plus it fills me up. And when I’m better rested, everything is just easier. I’m in a better mood, have more energy, and it’s easier to make healthy choices.

Now if Kody would stop climbing into bed with us multiple times each night (and thinking it’s time to play), the sleep thing would be working out better. My daughters never did this, so this is brand new. I’d possibly let him just sleep there the rest of the night, except he thinks it’s playtime, so that won’t work. I know this phase will pass quickly.

I suppose I should share some birthday updates! My daughter Cameron turned 8 a few weeks ago. I think I mentioned this, but I make fun cakes for their birthdays. Cameron loves wolves and penguins, so those were her cake options. She really wanted a wolf cake, so I went to work. I am my own worst critic and am not happy at all with the snout, but I do like the rest. Cameron was happy with it, and that’s what really matters. Here is the finished cake!

wolf cake

wolf cake

And here is the birthday girl with her cake.

Cameron is 8!

Cameron is 8!

This year I gave Cameron the option of either having a birthday party, or having a girls day and going to the American Girl store. She chose the girls day, so a week later, we headed to the Mall of America with my sister and her daughter. First stop: ear piercing!

Newly pierced ears.

Newly pierced ears.

I knew she would pick the Hello Kitty earrings! She did super and wasn’t nervous at all. I, on the other hand, was very nervous! It was definitely harder on me than it was on her!

After that, we headed to the American Girl store. Cameron got to pick out a few outfits for her doll, and both Cameron’s and Allison’s dolls got their hair done!

Allison and Kit.

Allison and Kit.

Cameron and Saige.

Cameron and Saige.


It was a fun day and we will definitely do it again! Plus, it was a bonus for me that I didn’t have to clean the house or come up with things to keep a bunch of girls entertained. Definitely easier on me this way, and I’m all about reducing stress!

I’m definitely feeling cooped up and soooo anxious to get outside for some walking and jogging. I started to really enjoy it last summer. I’ve found that jogging is a wonderful stress reliever for me, and I enjoy the time out of the house by myself. It’s just not the same trying to exercise in the house with all the craziness still around me.

That’s about it for now. I’ll try to be a better blogger!


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