Okay Mother Nature…

We’ve had enough here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota! All of you have probably heard about our insanely cold weather. I even have an online friend in Australia who heard about it on her news.

School is closed today, for the second day in a row. Marcus got called in to work, so he was gone by the time I tried to leave to take the kids to daycare. My car won’t start. It won’t even turn over. So I’m home with the kids again. And we have a frozen pipe in my daughter’s bedroom. I won’t go into all the details, but I have a space heater going in that room and it seems to be helping. Not exactly what I want to deal with today.

All of this “life crap” doesn’t help my food choices. It makes me want to turn to comfort food, which isn’t usually healthy. And I’ve been giving in. More than I care to admit. It’s a good thing we don’t have any pasta in the house, because a big bowl of buttered noodles sounds delicious right now.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Being fat is painful. It’s painful inside and out. I’m sick of the pain! I know losing weight has pains of it’s own, but I prefer the pain of sore muscles to the current pain I’m in. Last night I remembered how great I felt at my lowest weight…I felt strong and healthy. I felt beautiful. Inside and out. I want that feeling back and I will fight to get it.

If I can start my day with exercise, I know I will feel good and it will help me to stay on track with my eating. I won’t always be successful, but it will help. So I decided I just have to get up in the morning to do some kind of exercise. I almost got up this morning. Then I didn’t. I will try again tomorrow. I will keep trying until I succeed.

I will succeed. I choose the pain of losing weight.


6 thoughts on “Okay Mother Nature…

  1. Hi Teresa!
    Doesn’t sound like a great start to your year with that weather. I guess I shouldn’t tell you our day is cold…in the 60’s…for us. I have absolutely no experience with frozen pipes or snow tires. I’d probably want to stay in bed under lots of covers.

    On the food and exercise issue…
    I look at things from an energetic view, and I have learned it is more important to think about the good stuff (reward) than it is the bad stuff (punishment). The way it works is that you get more of what you are feeling and thinking. So, my suggestion is to keep thinking these thoughts… “Last night I remembered how great I felt at my lowest weight…I felt strong and healthy. I felt beautiful. Inside and out.” You are going to do this. I just know you are!

    Sending a New Year hug…

    • Thanks Cyndi…I know you’re right. I had been doing much better, and got in a total slump over the holidays and basically stopped trying. I’m getting it back now and already feeling more in control. Happy New Year!

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