No Treat January!

It is a new day and a new year. I am a bit tired and irritable today, but I will not let that pull me off track. I am working to get the house cleaned up (that always makes me feel better) and am determined to keep moving and eating well. I gained quite a bit of weight over the past 6 weeks or so…10-12 pounds! I’m not going to let myself get too discouraged about it. I am fixing that NOW.

Sometimes I think Marcus is on board with “No Treat January” and other times I don’t think he’s totally committed. Well, I will do it with or without him. It would be easier with his support, but I HAVE to do this.

Kody must be tired too, because he’s crying and whiney. Better cut this short!


4 thoughts on “No Treat January!

  1. I find it hard when others in my family aren’t behind me in my efforts too. It’s very difficult when someone keeps bringing treats into the house. But I admire you – you actually got on the scale. I sure won’t – I’m too afraid I’ll crumble when I see the numbers.

    • I knew about what to expect on the scale. I didn’t like it, but it wasn’t shocking. What WAS shocking to me was my measurements…especially my waist. I could tell it expanded, but all my measurements were up more than I expected.

    • I agree, and I know the first few will come off quickly. I’m postponing taking all the Christmas stuff down because I’m just too grumpy today! lol
      Happy New Year to you as well!

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