A New Day

I have one successful day of tracking my food behind me. The scale has already dropped 3 pounds! Yes, I know that is likely water weight, but it still feels good. Sadly, I have put on about 10 pounds over the past month, so am still feeling quite icky. Now it’s time to work my tail off and get it off. I’m really tired of this. I want to feel good about myself again.

Thanks to a very dear blogger friend, I am realizing I have more internal work to do than I thought. I have already done a lot, but I have more to figure out. I won’t post details here, but it is something I will be consciously working on. Good, bad, ugly…I need to resolve this stuff. I will not be successful in my weight loss endeavors until I do.

I am feeling a bit meloncholy right now. It’s all for the best and I need to work through these emotions. Luckily, we don’t have any plans tonight. Marcus is making a nice meal, then we will have air-popped popcorn as a New Year’s Eve treat. The kids will love that, and it’s a healthier option than some other junk I would normally serve.

I am not making any official goals for 2014. As always, I am simply trying to be a better person than I was yesterday. I will continue to work through my “issues” and improve my health and fitness. I am hopeful I will be in a better place this time next year.

Do you have any goals for the new year?


4 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. Yay for a successful day of tracking! That will be my aim, too. I’ve been tracking but the foods haven’t been good. It’s time to start eating and feeling better.
    I’m sorry you are feeling melancholy. Hopefully you will be able to sort out the issues you mentioned, but also after tracking and eating better for a week or two you will hopefully start feeling more chipper. 🙂

  2. Resolutions…to make peace with myself. Nice and ambiguous. 🙂 We’ll put 2013 behind us with Canada Dry – the champagne of gingerales. (I’m the only one here who thinks that’s funny.) Watch a couple movies. Wild people we are….

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