A Major Backslide

I am not proud of my behavior the past month or 6 weeks. My eating has slowly gotten worse and up until last night, it was totally out of control. In the past week I even told myself it was okay because I only had x number of days until today (when I got paid so I can buy healthy food) or it was okay because we only had a little peanut brittle left and someone has to eat it. It’s like I’ve been gorging myself to make sure I get my “share” of the treats, or because I intend to get this under control now, or both. That’s how I used to be. I had made incredible progress and I am not happy with myself.

I have a problem. It’s time to get this under control. If any family or friends happen to stumble upon this blog, please help me any way you can. I am not good at asking for help. Not when I really need it.

I have gained too much weight back. I feel like a stuffed sausage. I am not comfortable at all. I cannot believe I did this to myself. On Wednesday I will weigh in and record my measurements. It is what it is, and I move forward.

Even though I haven’t done well lately, I know I have made some big strides forward. So hopefully I can skip forward to where I was a bit easier than before.

Marcus and I are both really, really sick of the junk food. Yesterday I made a comment that we should have a “No Treat January” and he actually seemed to like the idea! Well, other than his birthday, in which case we will make an exception. But that’s it! I’m going to make sure he’s really serious about this, because it will be good for our entire family.

I am back to focusing on this one day at a time. The biggest challenge for me is tracking what I eat, and I also know that is what will bring me the greatest success. So today I am back ON TRACK.


4 thoughts on “A Major Backslide

  1. It’s so difficult when the body is making you think you need to “get it while you can”, like with treats and all that. I can relate with that feeling like, “I need to get back on track on x day… So until then I need to eat all my favorite unhealthy foods because I may never get to eat them again.” Even though I don’t nix any particular food out of my diet, my brain still does this. Is that kind of like what you’ve been going through? It sounds like your husband is supportive and hopefully that will be helpful if both of you participate in no treats in January.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what it’s been like. Even though I know I can eat those things again, it’s like I have to eat them now…even though they don’t taste good after the first few bites.

  2. Sometimes we just need to hit that point where we think “omg how did I let this happen?” Before we get back on track. I fell off the healthy eating wagon as we’ll and I definitely don’t enjoy the way I feel. Looking forward to eating better and I think we can keep each other motivated and accountable through our blogs. I’m supporting you all the way. You can do it!!

    • Thank you, this means a lot! You and I in some ways have very different goals, but in others they are similar. It’s all about being healthier, right? I admire what you’re doing for sure!!

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