Tracking what I eat

Here I go…I’m back to tracking what I eat. From now until the holidays are over, I am taking a bit of a different approach. Before I tell you what change I’m making, let me explain how my mind works.

When I log calories, I feel like I have to know exactly how many calories I’m eating. If I eat a slice of Marcus’s zucchini pie, I don’t know exactly how much sugar, etc is in it, so all I can do is estimate to the best of my ability. Or find something on MyFitnessPal that I think is close. Makes sense, right? I do this sometimes, but then I feel like if I don’t know exactly what I’m eating, why bother logging it? Or it’s too hard to find a decent guesstimate, so I don’t log it. Then I don’t log the entire day and end up making bad choices. It’s silly, I know.

I am realistic about the holidays and know I won’t eat great until they’re over. But that doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all until January 1. I need to make wise choices and only choose the things that are really good. Then enjoy my portion and move on.

So what is different this time? Even on days when I don’t make good choices, I will still log my food. Even if I’m not making great choices, I can still be mindful of what I’m eating. I can estimate what I’m eating and not worry about having the perfect calorie count. I might be hundreds of calories off, but that’s better than eating whatever I want and consuming 2500 calories without giving it a second thought. Even if I go over, it will make me more aware of the choices I’m making and the impact those choices have on my body.

So that’s my plan. Just do the best I can but make a solid effort at tracking. If I can do that, I think I will naturally start having more decent food days. Then come Jan 1, I can tighten things up and make some solid progress.

At least I have a plan now. Let’s see how this works out…


2 thoughts on “Tracking what I eat

  1. Drives me crazy when I can’t log the exact food in MFP. I still tend to track it if I can find something close, but it feels wrong and inaccurate. I tend to not log foods when I feel like the whole day is a wash. But that is way worse! As of yesterday I set MFP to maintain my weight even though I’ve gained a bit. Just until after Christmas day. Not the best choice in the world but better than not doing anything!

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