Out of Sorts

Last week was a good week. This week? Not so much. Not terrible, but I’m struggling.

Is it the holidays? If I’m being honest with myself, no. Not really. I haven’t started baking yet and the treats haven’t really begun at the office. Or maybe it’s the relaxation part of the holidays. I feel like I should be able to relax and enjoy the season. Have a glass or two of wine while wrapping gifts. Not worry so much about being perfect.

I am enjoying some of the non-food Christmas stuff. Right now I am working at home and listening to Christmas music. I find it incredibly relaxing and soothing. Well, except for that “Santa Baby” song. I can’t stand that one. I have also done LOTS of shopping the past few days. Most of it has been online so I will have packages galore being delivered. I love receiving packages, no matter what they are.

I feel like saying “Screw it” until the holidays are over. But I can’t do that. I just can’t! It’s not worth it and I will only feel worse once it’s all over. I need to find a way to get through these next few weeks without too much damage. We really don’t socialize much so at least we don’t have all kinds of parties to worry about.

I do think “everything in moderation” will be the ultimate plan for me. But my problem is once I allow myself a little bit of something indulgent, it triggers this crazy need for anything and everything indulgent. I need to figure out how to stop myself once I allow that first little bit.

What are your plans to help you get through the holidays without too much damage?


10 thoughts on “Out of Sorts

  1. I am right there with you too. I just want to fast-forward to January when I know I’ll have the resolve to eat well; but I don’t want to set myself up for feeling like I am “starting over” in the New Year. I think this time of year is just hard, and you are doing yourself a huge favor by trying to be mindful, and also by not beating yourself up too much when indulging a bit in the season. Good luck!

  2. Teresa, I very much relate. I want “everything in moderation” but I lose control as soon as anything “white” passes my lips. I should send you an email privately – I am certain this issue is self protective. For now, trust me, you are doing the best you can which puts you head and shoulders above most of the population.

    • Thank you Crystal, I definitely keep working on it. I cannot and will not give up. I’m the same way once I eat white stuff. I want to find a balance to allow it, but struggle with it. Yes, please email me your thoughts when you have some time. I am very interested in what you think about this.

  3. I definitely can’t wait to relax, drink a glass of wine and start wrapping up presents.
    This year, my plan is to enjoy everything I want but just a nibble here and there. Also I’m determined to only indulge in foods that I really want, not simply because they’re there on the table.. hehe
    Hoping I can stick to the plan, and if I can’t I’m hoping I can allow myself to simply enjoy and not feel so guilty afterwards.

    • That’s what I need to work on…only indulge in foods that I really want. Thanks for the reminder! I CAN enjoy and indulge in things I truly want, but there is no need to eat things that really aren’t good or won’t “hit the spot”.

  4. We must be on the same wavelength! I feel exactly the same way. I just want to let loose for the month of December and be like whatever. Enjoy all the yummy goodies and not worry about health. But that would be bad. 😦
    Yeah, something about right now is a struggle. Is it the extra cold weather? I’ve been listening to Christmas music on my commute every day and it’s so calming. Getting packages has been fun, too! Are you doing more online shopping for Christmas? That’s how we usually do it.
    Right now I don’t really have a good plan to get through the holiday season. I’m still tracking and exercising but I really want a break!

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