I need a comeback

I haven’t been blogging much lately. Actually, I haven’t been on the computer much at all. Not even Facebook! Why is that? Partly, I am enjoying my time off work. I am getting some things done around the house, and also enjoying some quiet time. But probably more than that, I tend to pull away when I’m not eating well.

I got into a bad habit this fall when work was busy. I stopped eating breakfast many days, and opted to get right to work. As breakfast went away, my eating habits became worse. Coincidence? It’s time to get back to eating breakfast every day, and start my day out right.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time off work, although it is going by WAY too fast. I am getting a few things done, but not as much as I had hoped. I used to be like a machine and just kept working all day long. Not anymore! I need to find a balance between the two, so I can accomplish some things, but also have some time to relax.

Yesterday I painted out entry way/mud room. I didn’t realize how bad it needed it until I started. Wow, those walls were filthy! And just washing them doesn’t clean them. They needed paint! Now that it’s a darker color, I’m hoping the dirt won’t show as bad. We live on a farm, so the entry way is going to be dirty. I’ll be scrubbing that floor today, then laying out my brand new rugs. The old ones fell apart more every time I washed them. It was time to replace them and I am excited. Cheap thrills! haha!

Remember my living room project? Well, it’s still not totally finished. I need to find curtains, then get pictures hung on the walls. I found a couple of websites with custom curtains, but was a bit discouraged by the price. I’ve looked at stock curtains, and I don’t think I will find exactly the right sizes I need. I could do that to save money, but I don’t think I’d be happy with them and regret the purchase. So maybe custom curtains are the way to go? I need to do some accurate measuring and get a final cost estimate.

While Marcus was hunting last week, I got myself up early three days in a row to feed cows before the kids were up. I did it because I had to. Why can’t I get up early to exercise? I would love to do that, and be done with it for the day. It’s like I don’t view exercise as something I HAVE to do, even though I feel better when I’m exercising regularly. I need to make myself do it, no matter what time of day. After a few weeks, it will be a habit and will be easier to stick with.

There’s no doubt about it, but the holidays are here. I have not been eating well, but I am still determined to hold onto my weight loss so far. I have gained some back though. I am afraid to step on the scale to find out how much. I definitely have some to lose so I can maintain that 30 pound loss. One of my projects for today is to come up with a solid plan for December. I do well with a strict, low-carb plan when I’m in the mindset. Perhaps I should do that, but allow myself some flexibility since it is the holidays. Something like 5 days a week must be on plan, and I have 2 days to play with if needed? I don’t know. I definitely need an exercise schedule too. I am going to print a blank calendar and write my workouts in for each day. I tend to forget them now because exercise isn’t top-of-mind. I need to make it a priority, and if I need to write in on my forehead, so be it.

It’s already 8:45 and time is ticking! I have to pick the kids up by 3, so I better start crossing things off my To Do list. This is my last kid-free day off and I plan to be productive!!


13 thoughts on “I need a comeback

  1. I could have written this post! When I stopped blogging for a month, I looked at my behaviors and I let them slack as well! Blogging kept me accountable, so I am forcing myself to get back into it. I understand the fear about Thanksgiving, eating for me is a slippery slope and I do tend to let bad choices continue. Make an exercise and eating plan for this weekend (Friday and beyond) and stick to it. Hold yourself to those goals. Write them out and share them with someone who will keep you honest. I’m pulling for you!!!

    • Thank you for your great comment. I am still in need of a plan…for December I need something with some flexibility, but something that will get me headed in the right direction. I have some ideas…just need to make it final.

  2. Where exercise is concerned perhaps try playing games with yourselfself. For instance, tell yourself that you can NOT have a single cup of coffee until after you exercise. Yeesh! That ought to get you cracking!

    I struggle with making myself consume breakfast too, Teresa. Protein shakes or fresh fruit are a mainstay in my regime because they are quick, nutritious and easy while juggling a million (yes, a million) things in the morning.

    You can do it, girl! We all need to give ourselves a swift kick in the backside from time to time so don’t be too hard on yourself. Regroup and focus.

  3. I don’t even remember what it was like when I never ate breakfast, but back when I was overweight that was a norm. How does that work? I guess not eating breakfast makes you more hungry later in the day. I couldn’t live without breakfast now!
    A plan for December sounds like a good idea. What about Thanksgiving?

    • I’ve eaten breakfast for so long that this has been weird for me…not sure why I let myself stop eating it.
      Ahh…Thanksgiving. I’m sure I will eat (and drink) too much, but my plan is to not eat anything I don’t really like. Like the jello type salad someone always brings and I feel like I have to eat. If I don’t *really* want it, why eat it?

      • I’m the same way about the jello salad stuff. Someone always brings it and it has some kind of gelatin and I’m not a big fan, so I always skip it. I do love candied yams, though!

      • My favorite part is probably the stuffing. But really only if it’s homemade. My MIL is using pre-packaged bread crumbs, which are okay, but I much prefer a nice loaf of sourdough bread that is cut into cubes and dried. Guess I’m becoming a food snob! lol But really, why eat it if it’s not really good??

  4. Teresa, I sometimes think you and I are the same person. Just keep it all in baby steps. And remember, messing up one meal doesn’t mean the day is a right off (unless you’re me and you follow up the messed up meal with 3 extra large chocolate bars…but I digress…). Stay kind to yourself. Making mistakes does not give us permission to beat ourselves up.


    • Thanks Crystal. My problem is one bad meal is followed by another bad meal, which turns into days, weeks, or even months of bad meals. It’s time to turn this around and make some healthy choices again. I know how much better I feel when I eat right, so why is it so hard?? Oh yeah…that emotional eating thing…

      • Well…just so you know we’re on the same page…I had a great day of eating yesterday…then I went to the bulk store on the way home, got a big bag of dark chocolate covered pretzels, and had the whole thing devoured by bedtime….

      • I would totally do that too. I want to get through the holidays feeling better about myself, and I know eating all the junk makes me feel bad. And yet it’s so hard to resist. I will keep trying though.

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