Early Morning

I was up by 5am this morning. I might need a nap later! I am already tired and the coffee isn’t kicking in. But still, I am enjoying this quiet time before the crazy kids are up.

Marcus is deer hunting for the weekend, so I have to feed cows. It’s not something I especially enjoy, since I need to get up to do it before kids are up. There is nothing like trying to feed cows in a dark shed (the flashlight only gives off so much light!) when I’m not all that familiar with the process. This year I thought about waiting until daylight and making the kids come with me. Kody is now 2 1/2 and I think he would stand still and not freak the cows out. But, none of the kids wanted to come with me, so I told them I would try to get up early. And I did. For today anyway. Tomorrow could be another story.

One thing I’ve noticed…even though I am currently feeling really fat and gross (must get my eating under control), I am definitely seeing improvements in my fitness. Two years ago when I had to feed cows for the first time, it was really hard to lift those 5 gallon buckets full of feed up to about my shoulders. And the big step up into the shed was difficult and I had to find something to help pull myself up. Last year, 8 pounds lighter, and I could tell it was a bit easier. This year, roughly 30 pounds lighter, and it’s almost easy. Lifting the pails really isn’t an issue. Climbing into the shed still takes some effort, but it is a lot easier than it was last year. I’m kind of excited to note my progress next year.

The other day I mentioned the plan challenge I’ve been doing. Yesterday I was supposed to do 90 seconds. By 45 or 50 seconds, I’m struggling, so thought there was no way I’d make it to 90. While I was doing it yesterday, I wanted to give it my best shot. I didn’t want to give up just because I thought it would be impossible. So…I stuck it out. After 60 seconds, it was REALLY hard. It’s not like my abs or anything really hurt, but it was just really, really hard. Somehow, I held on and make it all 90 seconds! Wow! I can hardly believe it! I really don’t know that I can do longer than that. I will still continue the challenge though. I might keep it at 90 seconds, but I still think that’s great! After the 30 days, I’ll have to try a real plank again and see if I have made any improvement.

Yesterday my sister and I went to the Mall of America for our annual shopping day. Luckily we didn’t get much snow the night before and roads were fine. We had a great time, although I always wish we had more time. Even though we’re always ready to go after walking around each floor, it would be nice to spend more time together. We’re talking about doing more with our kids too…it’s been awhile with all my overtime, plus she has numerous jobs so is also very busy. But anyway, I got 10,000 steps yesterday…easily! I was thrilled with that!

It sounds like kids are starting to stir. And here ends my quiet time until they’re in bed tonight. 🙂


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