The jogging continues

I went for two jogs this weekend. Yay! My legs are feeling stronger and I’m not sore anymore after my jogs. I know my endurance will continue to improve if I keep it up. Yesterday was quite hard on the way home. It was WINDY and I was against the wind on the way back.

I really hope I can keep this up in the winter. The stress relief that comes with running is amazing.

Regardless, it’s time to start being more active since my work project is almost wrapped up. I have about another week to go, but any evening hours will be minimal…and can be done while watching TV if I choose. NO MORE WEEKENDS!! Marcus and I are going away this weekend. I definitely need the time away, and we really need some quality time together. Then I start focusing on adding more exercise. I think I will get back to my wii Biggest Loser workout.

My eating has been all over the place. Some days I do good. Really good. Others I start out good and end bad. I am determined to make this a great week and see a nice loss on Thursday.

Let’s make it a healthy one!


2 thoughts on “The jogging continues

  1. Yay no more weekends for work! I like working while watching TV from time to time. I have so many colleagues who say they can’t work from home, so they spent evenings at their desks until after 5 or 6pm even when school gets out at 2.
    I know what you mean about eating being all over the place. I need to fix my November goals to be a little more lenient before I revert back to binging.

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