Week 1: Face the Music

It has been one week since I set my wedding dress goal. In that time, I have gained .7 lb and am up 7 lbs from my lowest. I am sitting not-so-comfortably at 253.3.

Work is still busy for the next week, but the stress level has dropped. Now I’m mostly just proofing, which is very time consuming and I have a deadline to meet, but it’s not the intense kind of stress I’ve had for the past 2 weeks.

It is time to get back on track. I will NOT gain any more weight back. I just won’t. So I need a plan of attack. This week I start logging my food again, and get back to drinking water. I’m not going to do a strict food plan right now. I know cutting back on breads, sweets, etc will help me. And cutting them out completely would reduce the cravings. But for the time being, I am going with the moderation method. That doesn’t mean I can have it every day as long as it’s a small portion. What that means is I can have it if I really want it. If I want bread just for the sake of eating it, no. But if I want bread because I have figured out that is the food I am truly craving, yes.

That’s my plan for this week. What is your plan?


6 thoughts on “Week 1: Face the Music

  1. I needed to read this post. Even though I’m on maintenance, I gained some weight after a couple weeks of pretty bad eating. After the first week I got back on track for a few days but was so restrictive that I ended up relapsing. So moderation is smart and I’m glad you mentioned it. Makes a whole lot of sense because you can have something if you really want it, in moderation. No need to cut everything “bad” out cold turkey. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I need to do something too … my plan would be to cut back on eating and maybe start counting calories again (I was successful doing that earlier this year). I really really need to stop drinking all the beer! Good luck to you! Enjoy reading your blog!

    • Now is a great time to cut back and count calories…before the holidays are all around us. I’d like to lose some of my “fluff” before they’re here, then hopefully I’ll be on a roll and can continue through them. Thanks, I enjoy reading your blog as well!

  3. Good stuff, Teresa. Moderation is key when we are in transition. Above all else be kind to yourself. Proper fuel gets the best results if it’s without stress. Less than a pound and you’re worried? Isn’t that self-induced stress at its finest? ๐Ÿ˜‰ More water and more fresh fruits and veggies are easy to sneak into yourself during the day.

    • Thanks Melissa. I expect to gain the 7 I gained over the last month pretty quickly. Partly, I am bloated and anxious for that to leave! Getting back to water will help immensely. ๐Ÿ™‚

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