Quick Weigh In

So I faced the music and stepped on the scale this morning. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. I’m only up .4 from about 10 days ago. I’m at 252.6 and have 1 year to hit my goal of 167.

I CAN do this. I just need to stay focused. It will be worth it.


3 thoughts on “Quick Weigh In

  1. It’s not just staying focused Teresa. It’s consistently being good to yourself. Remember always that you are a worthwhile person regardless of weight, or job, or spouse, or family behaviour, or whether or not your house is clean. I swear, it’s self love and believing you deserve to be healthy and well that makes it all possible.

    I admire you getting on the scales. I’m too afraid to do it. I can talk the talk…but walking the walk lately is a bit of a challenge. I’ll be cheering you on all the way.

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