I want to cry

I am SO incredibly stressed out! I am being pulled in so many direction with work. Advertisers get impatient and want their stuff done NOW, even though they JUST submitted their materials. I am on a deadline so know how important it is. And I swear I could design these artwork files better than these so-called designers can. And I have NO experience and have no idea how to use programs like PhotoShop or InDesign.

I can only do so much at a time! It will get done. It always does. But right now I just want to cry.

Instead of buckling down and getting focused, I eat. Why do I do that?? Am I postponing the work for some reason? Just like I’m doing right now by taking a few minutes to blog? Perhaps. But why? I will need to get to the bottom of that when I’m not so insanely busy.

This weekend, SHOULD be productive. My wonderful sister-in-law wants to take the kids overnight, then take them to a pancake breakfast in the morning. Hell yeah! Not only will that give me a much needed break from mommyhood, but it will give me some MUCH needed time to focus on work without constant interruptions. I think I will also go for a jog or two while they’re gone. Jogging will be the best stress reliever for me, and hopefully clear my mind enough that I CAN focus on my project.

Time to quit procrastinating and get some work done.


8 thoughts on “I want to cry

  1. Is your sister in law going to take the kids? I hope so for your sake. Sounds like a win win situation. Your kids have fun with their aunt and you get some much needed down time and exercise that will pump some endorphins into your stressed out system. I hope your weekend helps with things. Stress causes me to eat, too. Sometimes I eat before realizing the stress is there in the first place. It’s good that you’ve identified the problem and have made plans to alleviate things if you can.

    • Yes, she is! As much as I love my kids, all parents need a break, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m not going to stress about what I eat right now…just try to get some exercise in to help offset the extra calories. And hopefully by exercising, it’ll help my stress level so I don’t want to eat so much.

  2. I wholeheartedly believe that stress was never something we were meant to deal with in the massive amounts we do. Our world has become one of always being constantly connected to work. I empathize with you and hope that you find time to rest and relax this weekend!

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