Mental Games

I am happy to report that yesterday was a successful food day! Well, I did eat about 4 fritos. I came home from work after working a 10 1/2 hour day in the office (plus 1 hour commute each way), to find Marcus bought a big bag of individual snack bags. I ignored it for a while, then took a peak inside and immediately saw a bag of fritos. I checked the calories. 160. Hmm…is this worth it? I still have calories available that I can eat if I want. But I’m really not hungry. But OMG my mouth literally started salivating! I put them away and did a few dishes. A little while later Marcus came and grabbed 2 bags of chips and one bag was the fritos I was drooling over. I snagged about 4 of them from him, then was done. I’m not sure how many calories I ate, but I didn’t eat 160 of them, that’s for sure. I was pleased with myself, and happy he shared with me.

I haven’t been eating my smoothies as much lately, but had one last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. When it works out perfect, it’s the consistency of ice cream. They are very satisfying to me, and a nice, healthy snack or even meal. Perhaps I slacked off making them because the weather is getting cooler. I love them though, and they help to keep me on track. Cold weather or not, I need to keep making them.

I weighed in this morning at 250.9. I’m struggling a bit with the mental side of my new scale, which is why I think I put off buying one for so long. I got to 240 on my old scale, and now I’m back in the 250s. I’m really only up about 4 lbs from my lowest, and since I’m back on track I know it will come off quickly. But it’s still discouraging even though I know why.

The whole weight loss thing is 90% mental, that’s for dang sure.


2 thoughts on “Mental Games

  1. Having a taste of someone else’s yummy food is a great way to get that satisfaction. I do that with my husband’s food pretty often because I don’t want to eat a full serving and just want a taste.

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