I refuse to stray too far

I’m going to sound like a broken record for the next month.

I’m stressed. I’m tired. I’m sick of work. I haven’t been eating well. I feel bloated. My energy levels have dropped. My weight is up.

I can’t blame it all on work, yet having a ridiculous amount of work to do by myself is tough. Five weeks until my project is out the door. Probably another four weeks of crazy hours.

Despite all this, I still want to lose a total of 50 pounds by Thanksgiving. I better stop my belly-aching and get back on track.




5 thoughts on “I refuse to stray too far

  1. A friend of mine just told me that she has added 30 minutes of interval walking to her daily routine and it has turbo-boosted her weight loss. All you do is walk for 5 minutes and than walk as fast as you can for 1 minute, and repeat for a total of 30 minutes. This burns more fat than an hour of running. You could also do it on a bike. I’m gonna try it.

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