Revised October Plan

This happens every year with my job. October hits and I get tired from all the extra hours. Some days I’m so tired that I just want something quick and easy to eat. I know a big part of this is preparation and making sure I have the right foods in the house, but I also know too many restrictions could backfire.

Enter Revised October Plan!

I am still going to follow the plan I did in September as much as possible. But if there is a night I want spaghetti with the kids or a sandwich, I need to make sure it fits into my calories for the day. So really nothing is totally off-limits. I know I feel better and lose weight quicker when I’m not eating pasta, bread, etc, so I need to be smart about my decisions.

I bought a new scale yesterday. My old, unreliable one must have been close to 20 years old, so it was time. I can finally see the tenths of a pound! Cheap thrills! The bad news is that the new scale is 6 pounds heavier than the old. I was expecting it, and think it’s the same as the doctor’s scale now. More bad news is that my starting weight is actually 283. And now I get to work my way through the 240s again. I won’t let that bring me down though. I’m still down about 35 pounds, no matter which scale I use. And when I DO get to the 230s, it will be even sweeter.

I picked up my new glasses yesterday. Excuse the bad hair and no makeup. I work too much lately to care what I look like. And I feel like my glasses look crooked. Oh well, I don’t wear them much. Except today, and they’re giving me a headache. Not a good combination when I need to be working hard!

new glasses

new glasses


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