Day 23: a little exercise

In one week, I will be on my final day of my Healthy 30! I have been struggling a bit the past few days, but it’s not that I’m craving “bad” foods or anything. The scale just isn’t moving like it was, but I know I need to be patient and stick with this. I am still hoping to lose 15 pounds by the end of my challenge.

I got home from work last night, and the house was quiet. With three kids, that is extremely rare! The girls were playing nicely upstairs, and Marcus and Kody were just hanging out. So I took advantage of it and went for a quick walk. The girls had their first Girl Scout meeting a little later, so I couldn’t be gone long.

I can’t remember the last time I went for a walk, so it was refreshing and a very much needed stress reliever! I did a little jogging, which really helps with my stress level. I’m finding I almost enjoy jogging. I want to find a way to exercise a little bit here and there while work is so busy. But I also know how exhausting the work hours get, so I’m not banking on it. For sure in November I will get into a routine. I hate putting it off, but I’m realistic. And hey, I’m eating great. That’s a HUGE step for me!

My house is also quite filthy these days. It’s embarrassing, really. I need to work on teaching the kids how to do some of this stuff so they can help out a little bit.

On today’s menu…

Breakfast – coffee with creamer, chocolate strawberry smoothie

Lunch – small bowl of chili, and a lettuce salad

Snacks – yogurt or boiled egg or celery with natural peanut butter

Supper – onion, pepper, egg scramble. We have LOTS of freshly laid eggs from Marcus’s parents!


4 thoughts on “Day 23: a little exercise

  1. Yay that you got some time to take a walk/jog when the kids were all quiet in the house! My house is also pretty gross, but I’m hosting my sister’s birthday party in early November, so I have a month to get my act together.

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