Day 18: Down, but far from Out

I have been a bit down the past few days. I’ve been tired. There have been a few occasions that I wanted to throw in the towel and eat whatever I wanted. Luckily I stayed strong and the feelings passed quickly. Yesterday I felt like I could be getting sick. Today I am tired, have a headache, and am trying to ignore the slightly scratchy throat I have. Despite all this, I am determined to do well on my challenge. No matter what!

I admit there have been a few days I have allowed myself more coffee (with creamer) than I said I would. And I have popcorn more than once a week. But I am following the rest of my plan to a T. The extra creamer is the worst offender, and I need to stop that. I tend to drink more when I’m busy with work, or feeling under the weather. Both are happening now. But still…I feel good and am proud of myself.

I found out yesterday my office building is going to be demolished in March 2015. It is in downtown Rochester, Minnesota, just a few blocks from Mayo Clinic. Mayo will be making some HUGE expansions in the next few years and there will be an even greater need for more hotels downtown. Some people from the UAE bought my building, will be tearing it down, and will be building a 5-Star Waldorf hotel in its place. So all the companies in the building (and probably other buildings in the area) will be displaced. Our building isn’t the greatest, and the layout of our office is poor. So the idea of a new office is kind of fun. The idea of moving a business is not. Been there, done that! I was hoping this would mean my commute would possibly be shortened, but it doesn’t sound like that will happen. Our owner wants to stay downtown so he can walk to the food court and Starbucks whenever he wants. I’d rather be on the outskirts where there is less traffic to deal with and free parking! But the decision isn’t up to me. Time will tell what happens. No sense worrying about anything until then.

Today’s meal plan is a bit up in the air. But I have lettuce cleaned and ready to go, boiled eggs, a little leftover roast beef, apples, celery, and a few other things. Luckily there is very little junk in the house right now, so I can and will stay on track. If only the tomatoes in our garden would finally start to turn red so I could make a big pot of chili!


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