Day 11: Feeling “Skinny”

After all my anxiety the other day about the pizza at work, I am working at home today. Cameron was in the school nurse’s office yesterday afternoon with a stomach ache, and I ended up keeping her home today. I guess this is already going around the high school and there are a few cases at the elementary school. Really?! School has only been in session a little over a week! I guess it doesn’t take long.

Yesterday was an amazing day! I saw another new low on the scale of 243 and feel like I’m melting. This is what happens when I am strict about eating clean(er). I wore my new sassy jeans and one of my smaller shirts that is starting to fit quite nice. I felt like I looked damn good! The feeling lasted all day long! Then the icing on the cake was last night when Marcus told me I looked skinny. WOOHOO!! He knows I’m always working on my health, but it was nice to hear the compliment.

I feel like I’m on the verge of some amazing changes. I feel like people are starting to notice my weight loss but are hesitant to say anything. I feel like I will fit into more of my smaller clothes very soon. I KNOW I will reach my goals.

Once I lose 40 pounds, I will update my Progress Photos page. I swear.

I gained a LOT of weight with each of my pregnancies…about 50 pounds each.  I kept some on after each of the girls, then after Kody I didn’t lose any of it! Yes, I kept on all 50 pounds…or 46 of it which is close enough. Depressing considering he was almost a 10 pound baby. But now I feel like I’m getting closer to my pre-pregnancy weight with Kody. I can see it! It is right there for me to grab. I am getting closer every day.

Today’s meal plan…

Breakfast – coffee with creamer and a chocolate strawberry smoothie

Lunch – I might experiment with some stew meat and bell peppers from our garden.

Snacks – greek yogurt, celery with peanut butter

Supper – I have a beef roast in the crock pot. I will probably have a lettuce salad with it, and some watermelon.


8 thoughts on “Day 11: Feeling “Skinny”

  1. Yay for skinny! This is really working for you and I think that’s wonderful. 🙂
    It really takes no time to get sick at school! I hope Cameron feels better soon. Last year I got my first illness within the first two weeks. This year I’m taking Emergen-C religiously at least for the month of September just to be on the safe side. Also using lots of cleaning wipes all over the classroom and having tissues/hand sanitizer available.

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