Day 9: Sorry for the 2nd post – Advice Needed!

ARGH!!!! So I am doing really really awesome on my challenge. It’s Day 9 and I have had NO problems. Like none. Zilch. Nada. I want to do this. I need to do this.

So a little while ago, my boss sends out an email that he’s going to get pizza for my department on Friday. There are 6 of us total, so everyone will know if I’m not there.

I do NOT want to eat the pizza, yet kind of feel like I have to. What should I do? Yes, I am asking for advice.

I have thought about asking my boss if he would be offended if I skip the food and join for the conversation. I have thought about asking him if I can order a salad instead. I have thought about telling my entire department about my challenge and that I’ll bring my own food (even though I don’t want to broadcast what I’m doing). I have thought about taking that meal off, then getting back on track. I have thought about taking that meal off, then starting my challenge over at Day 1. I have thought about calling in sick.

This really has me distressed. I WANT to stay on this challenge and follow it through to the end! These things will always come up, but I want to do this strict for 30 days. That isn’t very long and I’m already nearly 1/3 done!



8 thoughts on “Day 9: Sorry for the 2nd post – Advice Needed!

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  2. Whatever you do, don’t eat the pizza out of courtesy. I think it doesn’t hurt telling people what you’re doing because then they can fully support you. Sounds like that already happened, so kudos to you for taking that step!

    • I agree, and am so relieved it worked out how it did. I was feeling VERY anxious about it and had my stomach in knots. I really don’t want the pizza, but felt like I had to eat it. But I don’t, and I”m glad everyone is so supportive of my decision.

  3. Good choice. It won’t be long now that these little things will be no-brainers. Momentum will carry you through. I’m not quite at that point yet but a few years ago I lost 60 pounds and the fun and excitement after the first 40 overwhelmed all potential issues. I powered through everything with little or no effort. I can’t wait to get back to that powerful feeling……it’s great! You will see!

    • I was getting so worked up about this (I guess I’m really ready to do this) that I already asked him if I could pass on the pizza but join for the conversation. I told him what I’m doing and he’s very supportive…even offered to get me a salad. Whew! I am SO relieved!

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