Day 9: Feeling Awesome!

Seriously?! It’s already Day 9 of my 30 day challenge? Compared to when I did this last year, this is EASY! I can tell I have made significant diet changes over the past year, because this really hasn’t been hard AT ALL.

My main problem has always been evening snacking. But when I can’t eat cereal or toast or ice cream, the snacking basically goes away. Plus the added water helps to fill me up so any false hunger pangs aren’t there. I know I will have times when I struggle, but for now I will ride the waves of success!

My energy levels continue to increase. I am sleeping better and I am having an easy time getting up in the morning. I find that in itself somewhat miraculous. The past few years, a freight train couldn’t wake me up. Even if it did manage to stir me, it wouldn’t be enough to actually get me up and out of bed. I might need to get back to morning exercise… Hmm…

I am also in a better mood. Last night I came home from work and Marcus asked me why I was so happy. Ha!

This all proves to me that eating clean really does work! I feel great, and the weight is coming off. That’s not to say I won’t indulge in and thoroughly enjoy non-clean foods. But for these 30 days, they are off the menu. And they will definitely be enjoyed in moderation only once my Healthy 30 / Sugar Strike is over.

Here is today’s menu plan.

Breakfast – coffee with creamer and a chocolate strawberry smoothie

Lunch – romaine lettuce salad with boiled egg and cherry tomatoes from our garden (finally!)

Snacks – Greek yogurt and a banana with natural peanut butter

Supper – zucchini meatballs (still trying to perfect my recipe), watermelon and corn


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