Tired of slow progress, even if it is progress

I am about 20 pounds lighter than I was this time last year. I should feel good about that, right? I do, but it’s not enough. Yes, I can feel some difference from when I was my heaviest. But lately I’m feeling more sluggish and heavy again. I’ve been getting lax on some of my diet choices. Too many crackers. Too much cereal. Too much ice cream. Still not as much as what I used to eat when I didn’t care at all, but still…it’s too much and isn’t doing me any favors.

Last September I did what I called a Healthy 30, which is my take on the Whole 30 program. I’m too lazy to look up links to Whole 30 right now, but you can easily google it to find out more. Anyway, my program was basically to cut out all obvious sugars, breads, pastas, etc. I made it 28 ½ days without cheating (although I wanted to many times). I felt AMAZING and I lost 13 pounds that month. No counting calories or anything!

I’m going to do it again. I have been really tired lately, probably in part due to my allergies that are kicking my butt. But I also know my food choices haven’t been the best, which always makes me sluggish. When I don’t fill my body with processed foods and added sugar, I feel so much better.

Plus, I REALLY want to get into the next pant size down and don’t want to buy any clothes before then. I will need a few things soon, so why not work to get to a smaller size before I make any purchases?

As of TODAY, I am going back on my Sugar Strike, aka Healthy 30. I have some plans with friends this coming weekend, so I know I won’t do perfect. But I can until then. And I can get back on track immediately after. Once my plans are over, I will do the full 30 days with no cheating. I’ve done it before and I can do it again.

I WILL do it again.


15 thoughts on “Tired of slow progress, even if it is progress

  1. Do you track your food? I know that has worked for me – I ALWAYS overestimate what I’m eating and have the tendency to “forget” certain things if I am not consistent about tracking.
    I have heard about the Whole 30, but not the Healthy 30, going to google it now! 20 pounds is 20 pounds and that should be celebrated!!! I am only down 5 pounds in Months, so I totally get it. Stay the course. You’ll get there!

    • I don’t always track. I track when I’m feeling good and in control, but then it all goes to hell in a hand basket. GREAT reminder. I need to track no matter what and be accountable for what I put in my mouth.
      The Healthy 30 is just my version of the Whole 30, and could be whatever someone wants it to be. I’m not ready to give up dairy, so don’t want to do a true Whole 30 yet…but I do believe in making healthy changes for 30 days.
      Thanks for your support – you’re awesome!

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