One project complete! Well, sort of.

Project: Update Living Room is complete! Or at least as much I’m going to do right now. As of 6:30 this morning, the paint was complete! I actually got up before the kids this morning and finished the final two coats of touchups I needed to do.

Here are some before shots. The carpet is our conversation piece. Haha! Marcus’s grandma picked it out in the 80s. It’s still in decent shape, it hides any stains we might have from the kids, and we can’t afford to replace it. So it remains. For now.



I actually should have taken a picture before we rearranged the furniture. The brick portion used to have a wood burning stove on it, so there is a “corner shelf” that’s about 1 foot tall. Our old TV used to be on it, and I just never liked that space. But now our couch covers that eye sore. And we can throw blankets and stuff behind the couch so they’re still accessible, but out of sight.

Now for the after photos! We don’t have curtains yet, but I’m thinking something white or light in color. We also have a few things to hang on the walls, but I want to wait until we have curtains. The pictures on the brick might move to another room, or I might get rid of them. I don’t like them as much as I thought I would when I bought them. I’ll wait to decide and see how the rest of the house comes together.



It feels good to get something done around the house. The rest of the day wasn’t nearly as productive. I was tired from getting up so early!

Both Cameron and Allison learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels in the past couple of days. They did a bit of practicing today and are both doing great! It’s fun to watch them and how quickly they’re improving.

I’m hoping tomorrow is another good today, and a bit more productive. It will help if I don’t take a nap, eh?


8 thoughts on “One project complete! Well, sort of.

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  3. You’re quite ambitious, getting such a big project done with family around! Woo-hoo, Teresa! Keep up the attitude & the energy will come!

  4. The colors look great! I also love the brick in your house, very cool. I can see why the carpet would be a conversation starter. The carpet in my parents’ house growing up was a thick brown shag. If that was still around it would also be a bit of a conversation starter. :p Congrats to your kids for their newly acquired bike riding skills! Here’s to many years of fun to come.

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