Feeling Lazy

It’s no secret. My motivation is slipping. But I’m trying like hell to get it back. I ate a few more calories last night than I should have, but still within my limit. Since I wasn’t very active, I should have stopped a few hundred calories earlier. But in any case, that’s two fairly successful food days in a row.

According to FitBit, I slept for 8 hours 16 minutes last night. I should feel great, right? I don’t. I have a headache and am feeling meh. I’ve been working at getting to bed a bit earlier again. I feel better when I get more sleep, plus with school starting in less than two weeks, the kids and I need to get back on our normal schedule.

I’m fortunate to be able to work at home one day each week. Today is the day. I love these days! It’s a nice break mid-week from my long commute. I can sleep in a little bit longer. I don’t have the office distractions (which are nice sometimes, but I enjoy the break). I can catch up on laundry. It’s really a great situation and I am lucky to have such a flexible employer.

But today I am looking around the house at all the unfinished projects. And it makes me feel lazy. I know, I know…I have a family to take care of and we were gone for a few days last week. But I also know I’m not nearly as productive in the evenings as I can be.

Here are a few of my unfinished projects:
~ I still haven’t finished painting the living room. Granted, this project is delayed because of Marcus. He needs to sand a few spots, and I know he’d prefer to do it instead of me. But I’d still like to get it done.
~ I finally bought a USB drive to transfer all our pictures to. Until very recently, I printed ALL the pictures we took and put them in albums. Of course each picture has to be labeled. I finally got Marcus to agree that’s a waste of money. We can just as easily look at the pictures on the computer. And it’ll be easier when kids need copies for school or other projects. I just need to take an hour or so to transfer everything.
~ My bedroom has so many piles on the floor I can barely see the floor. There are a few things I’m trying to sell online to make a little cash, but they haven’t sold yet, nor have I boxed them up to donate.
~ Yarn I bought months ago is still in the original bag because I haven’t found a spot to store it.
~ Kids’ school stuff that was brought home last spring is still in a pile. It’s a smaller pile than it was, but still, it’s a pile.

I used to be such a neat housekeeper, and it feels like my house has exploded. I feel better emotionally when my house is picked up better. It kind of resembles my life at the time. When I’m feeling more put together and in control of my actions, my house looks better. When I’m feeling disorganized and frazzled, my house looks it.

I guess I’m just feeling a little bit down today. I really don’t have any reason to, so I am snapping myself out of it right now. I am going to be focused during my work time. And tonight I really need to tackle one project, no matter how small, and make some progress.

Now for breakfast. I think an ice cold smoothie is on the menu. Yum!

PS – Thank you for reading. Just writing this out, I feel better. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Feeling Lazy

  1. My house is the same and I don’t have any kids to blame it on. When I get home from work, I just don’t feel like doing chores. And if I get an invitation to have fun with family or friends, I am definitely not turning that down so I can vacuum. Don’t worry about it, what needs to get done will. If you’d like it picked up so you feel less cluttered (home and mind), you do what I did. I called my sister to come and help me de-clutter one Saturday. It was great, she kept me on track and we laughed the whole day.

    • Fun should definitely take precedence over housework! Life is too short to worry about clutter. That’s actually a really great idea…I’ll have to see if I can work something out with my sister and our schedules.

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