Weekly Weigh-in

I’m stalling. I somehow got up early, but don’t feel like getting ready for work. So here I sit, enjoying a quiet house and cup of coffee.

My girls start school in just 2 weeks. It’s hard to believe it’s so close. Last night we found out who their teachers are, so it’s really feeling like school is right around the corner. I don’t have much time to finish clothes shopping. I’ll have to find a way to get that done this coming weekend.

In a way it seems like my kids are growing up fast. Too fast. I know I will miss this some day, so I want time to slow down. But then I’m also excited to have 2 in school fulltime so our daycare bill drops. It will be a nice savings each month, and will bring us a bit closer to actually making it financially. We will be living paycheck to paycheck for a long time, but we’re getting closer to being able to pay our bills without having to use farm income. Yes, it’s nice to have the farm to fall back on as needed, but we also need to save it for the farm. There are so many unknowns with that, and we’re not sure if we’ll have enough to get crops in the ground next spring.

Well, enough of that. Money talk always stresses me out and I’m determined to have another good day! Yesterday was good. I ate really well and drank more water than I had been. I should have gone for a walk last night, but didn’t. Actually, I should be doing a Walk Away The Pounds video right now, but I’m not. At least my diet is getting back on track…that’s most important to me right now.

I was really surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning. Considering the way I’ve been eating, I’m amazed I only gained 1 pound this week. I’ll take it! I am still down 30, and that feels great. I also looked back and I’m down 4 pounds in the past month. I tend to lose VERY slow, so this is still a decent loss for me.

Enough stalling. Time to shower and get to work. It’s a busy time of year for me and fall will get insanely busy. I need to stay as caught up as I can before all you-know-what breaks loose!


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