Home Sweet Home

We are back home from our mini vacation. Everyone is exhausted and I want to take a nap right now since Kody is napping. But here I am, because if I don’t post now, it won’t get done today.

Friday, we went to our local county fair. The kids love riding the ponies, petting and feeding animals at the petting zoo, and riding amusement park rides. Actually, I took the girls on rides while Marcus and Kody looked at cows and tractors. Kody is still too small for most of the rides. I let the girls go on whatever they wanted, then it was off to the Tilt-A-Whirl. It was Allison’s first time, and while she wanted to go, she looked nervous as we were sitting on it waiting for the ride to start. Then it started to twirl and she was in a world of delight. I watched her face as we spun around, turn after turn. It was fun to experience it through her eyes.

When everyone had enough of the fair, we took off for the Minneapolis area to our hotel. By then kids were ready for supper and we didn’t see any restaurants in the immediate area. We knew we wanted something quick, which meant fast food, so we agreed to stop at the first place we found. That was Burger King. I normally wouldn’t eat there…actually, I haven’t in years, but the kids enjoyed it. And they all got paper crowns. Bonus.

Then it was back to hotel for some swimming.

Kody ready to go swimming!

Kody ready to go swimming!

Allison and Cameron ready to go swimming!

Allison and Cameron ready to go swimming!

Believe it or not, I got in the pool with the kids. There were a few other groups there as well, but I didn’t feel too bad. I’m always self-conscious, and it’s worse in a suit, but it felt okay that night. Saturday we were off to Como Zoo. It’s a donation-only facility, so nice that you can choose to pay as much or as little as you feel you can afford. It’s not a huge place, but has some fun animals, so is a nice outing. Here are a few pics.

Me and my girls.

Me and my girls.

I actually think this is a decent picture of me. Well, other than the body part.

Allison insisted on having her picture taken here. We had to walk around the zoo a second time to find it and have a happy kid. I'd say it was worth it.

Allison insisted on having her picture taken here. We had to walk around the zoo a second time to find it and have a happy kid. I’d say it was worth it.



The kids on the tortoise statue.

The kids on the tortoise statue.


Then, as we were leaving, we decided to ride on the historic carousel. It is 99 years old and is in amazing shape! Very smooth ride and kept up beautifully.

Allison LOVED the carousel ride!

Allison LOVED the carousel ride!

Carousel built in 1914

Carousel built in 1914

Saturday afternoon, we headed back to the pool for more swimming. Oh boy, was I self-conscious that time. It was okay when we got there, but then more adults with kids started showing up. The adults sat on the side while the kids swam. I felt like all the adults were staring at me, but not the kids. Why is it adults are SO much more judgmental than kids?? I was incredibly uncomfortable and couldn’t wait to leave.

Needless to say, I have NOT eaten well at all the past few days. My self-image is suffering. All I can do is get back on track.

Overall, it was a nice, short getaway. The first night was rough because the kids were so excited. But the second night, they slept really well! It was a bit stressful at times, but we made some nice memories for the kids. We’re talking about a road trip next summer…we’ll see how well we think they can handle so much time in the car.

I think I need to make a pot of coffee. Must. Stay Awake!


14 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Your kids are so cute! How do you keep up with 3 young children? Sounds like you had a really great time.

    I think adults are more judgmental than kids for a couple reasons. The first reason is that kids haven’t had that kind of life experience yet to develop the whole judgmental thing. That’s upper elementary school/middle school/high school, and not fun to deal with. The other thing I think is that adults have a tendency to compare everything they see in life to themselves.

    However, I doubt people were judging you. Sometimes that self conscious feeling makes us see or think things that aren’t necessarily true. You are beautiful so stop down-talking yourself. And you’re on this amazing journey which shows how driven you are!

    • Thank you so much for this Leanne. I agree with you on everything! I know they probably werne’t really judging me. Or if they were, then they have their own issues. I’m trying to use it as motivation to stay on track so next time I can wear a smaller suit and feel better.

      It’s HARD to keep up with 3 young kids! After they go to bed I’m pretty much done for and ready for bed myself. 🙂

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