Quick Morning Motivation

I haven’t been eating the greatest. At least not as well as I want to be. It’s not nearly as bad as I used to eat. I guess I’m eating in a way to maintain my weight, but not really lose. So today I am working harder on it again and back to tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal. I’m also working to drink 128 ounces of water.

Later this week we’re going on a short family vacation and I’ll be at our county fair 2 days. I’m a little worried, but also know I never really eat bad at the fair. My stomach can’t handle all that greasy food like it used to. And honestly, I’m happy just to have a taste of whatever Marcus gets, if he’ll share. Anyway, all the more reason to stay on plan the next few days.

Because I’m taking a few days off of work, and because work is crazy busy right now, I got to work early today. As I was getting ready for work, I pulled on my freshly laundered jeans. I was amazed at how easy they slid on. I am going to remember that feeling all day. I will use it to keep me eating well. That’s a wonderful feeling, and I can’t be too far away from going down a size…if I eat better than I have been.

Everyone, raise your water glass to comfortable fitting jeans! 😀


7 thoughts on “Quick Morning Motivation

  1. Good luck at the fair! It’s good you don’t normally eat all that junk they have there. Me neither for the same reason. Where I grew up there is a HUGE fair every year and we were practically mandated to go, so I grew up eating all that stuff. Now my body just can’t take it. It’s nice having a significant other who gets a treat or two that we can take a bite of. 🙂

    • I’m usually drawn to the gyros, which I don’t think are too terrible, considering the options. Although I would probably be surprised if I looked up the calories. And the fair is the only time I eat them, so it’s a nice treat. That’s really about all I eat. Most things I can eat anytime I want, even though I try not to.

      • Gyros are probably not as bad as all the fried stuff. The fair in my home town has famous scones, but every year I’d also eat a “brick” of greasy fries, an elephant ear, and either the Krusty Pup corn dogs or the Earthquake burger. And cotton candy. And who knows what else. lol

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