What a weekend!

I am exhausted!

I started painting our living room yesterday. Actually last night after the kids were in bed. It took me 3 1/2 hours to paint all the edges of the first color, which luckily is most of the room and there are lots of edges. My dad came over today and I was able to finish. I love the color! I am second-guessing my color choice for the accent wall, but the paint has been purchased so I will paint once that wall is ready. There is some patching to be done first. Once it’s complete, I’ll post before and after pics. It already feels like a new room and I am excited to see the rest of it come together.

I didn’t get many steps today at all. I’m only at 3500 right now. But I was quite active with the painting so I’m okay with it.

Food the past few days hasn’t been great. I haven’t gone all out or had any binges, but I haven’t made great choices. I haven’t stepped on the scale in days, but tomorrow is weigh-in day so I’ll have to. I know I will have a gain. My TOM is here, so I hope that will be my saving grace. And my hormones are feeling more balanced, so it will be easier to get back to eating healthier.

Tomorrow is a new day. I’m going to bed soon and intend to sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed! I’m ready to have a great week!


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