Lesson Learned?

My mother-in-law helps us out a LOT with the kids. I feel like we need to do more for her to “pay” her for her help. I know she wouldn’t accept money, which we can’t afford anyway, and time is always so limited to do house or yard projects for her. Luckily (or not?) she loves desserts. This summer I am trying to keep her supplied with desserts, which she loves. I have been pretty good about giving her the entire pie or most of the pan of bars.

Yesterday I made Special K Bars for her. OMG my mouth was watering at just the thought of them! I have never made them and wanted to keep some home for Marcus and the kids (okay, and myself too).

After I made them, I ate one. It was DELICIOUS! Then I had another. And another. It didn’t take long before my stomach was upset. I literally felt sick to my stomach. It totally ruined my appetite and I couldn’t eat supper. I was planning to have a taco salad, but just couldn’t stomach the thought of putting another bite of food in me, even if it was healthy. So I had a beer (okay, 3 beers) instead. Not my smartest move.

Today I woke up still not feeling well. My stomach is in an uproar. My digestive system is disrupted. I feel downright yucky.

Luckily, I don’t do this kind of thing very often any more. Perhaps this time I will have learned my lesson.


4 thoughts on “Lesson Learned?

    • I did it. I own it. I’m moving on. It doesn’t mean I’ll never do it again, because I will. But the binges aren’t as bad as they used to be and are much less frequent.
      And I love baking, so will continue to do it…and give all/most of it away!

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