Me? Jogging? You better believe it!

Despite my off and on ankle and foot pains, I am doing my damndest to make the most out of my walks outside. (Really, I think I need some new tennis shoes and most of the pain will go away.) I don’t usually have a lot of time, so I need to make these 30ish minutes count!

Our dog, Milo, and I enjoy walking down our farm’s field road. It’s not all that long, maybe 1 1/2 miles round trip. I don’t like the idea of walking it twice. I don’t know why. But I want more steps and mileage on my fitbit. So to get around this idea in my head, I have started walking so many steps, then jogging so many steps. How many I do depends on the day, but one example is I’ll walk 20 steps, then jog in place for 50-100 steps. It takes me quite awhile to get to the end of the field road, and really gives me a good workout! I think Milo wonders what is taking me so long though! LOL I’m grateful this walk is private because I would never jog in place in public!

Sometimes when I have less time, I will jog (not in place) to raise my heartrate. Last night I jogged 250 steps without stopping. I know this seems like nothing, but I had to really push myself towards the end. My plan is to gradually increase this and one day jog the entire field road – without stopping.

I enjoy walking, but I am finding jogging to be an excellent stress reliever. That extra push gets my heart rate elevated and I can physically work through whatever emotions are going on in my head. I always feel good after I jog.

Do I dare call myself a runner? I may not be fast, but I am doing it. So yes. I am a runner!


5 thoughts on “Me? Jogging? You better believe it!

  1. Way to go!!!! I run up and down stairs when I get to them. Last weekend my man and I went out of town to some concerts and he kept saying to me at every set of stairs “Why do you have to go so fast? Slow down.” My response was “let’s get these stairs over with as quickly as possible!” I always ended up waiting at the top for him. Sigh. Enjoy the raised heart rate, the deep breathing and the wind on your face.

    Run Teresa, run!

    • I like that – get the stairs over with as quickly as possible! At home I’ve been running up the stairs. Admittedly, it’s mostly because if I don’t do them fast enough, my fitbit doesn’t always register a flight of stairs. I have a daily goal and don’t want to do more stairs than necessary! lol

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